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  • Barry "The Fish" Melton with The Dinosaurs at San Francisco State University in 1984
    Country Joe And The Fish Reunion, Fish Not Interested
    As time marches on, Fillmore era bands are nearing their 50th anniversary marks, some regrouping with most original membersandheavy fan support.Santana, The Grateful Dead havealready put the wheels in motion forfull scale reunion plans, but you...
  • Iggy Pop perennially shirtless and snarling
    I wanna be your Stooge: Iggy and The Stooges brought a merciless end to the 60s
    I wasn't there but wish I could have been—without cowering under the table of music history. Have you seen the footage, grey and grainy, on YouTube? Iggy Pop and The Stooges at some hippie dippy festival in—was it 1969? There he is...
  • Nikki -- Sultry and Sweet Sixties Hair Designs With Artizen USA Dolphin Iron
    Sultry and sweet sixties hairstyles
    Artizen Editorial Director, Jean Sweet, creates modern hairstyles inspired by a decade of cultureThe beehive, the bikini and the British music invasion all contributed to the unforgettable era known as the 1960’s. This decade has left a...
  • Lane Community College
    Is the Lane Community College campus really haunted by a janitor?
    Every year I read at least one article on the Internet that tells of haunted places in Eugene. I have lived in Eugene, Oregon for about 51 years now and can tell you, nothing real exciting ever happens, including ghostly encounters. That’s...
  • The Sixties in Review with Marcus Singletary
    The Sixties in Review with Marcus Singletary
    A Trip Through the Sixties with Marcus Singletary (Click Link)A Great Radio Feature (from the good folks at the De Rock y Freud program) (Click Link)Marcus Singletary discusses the social movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Click the link.
  • Acid Dreams:  by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain
    Acid Dreams The CIA, LSD and the Sixties Rebellion by Lee and Shlain
    This book, available now at your new and used local bookstores, is an impressive and scholarly-researched documentation of the CIA's intimate involvement with the psychoactive drug LSD-25 in the attempt to develop a sort of confessing drug...
  • Marion Cottilard
    'Little White Lies' engaging enough even if lacking payoff
    “Little White Lies” (2010) opens with a four-minute tracking shot that begins in an uproarious Paris nightclub. Ludo (Jean Dujardin, 2011 Best Actor Oscar winner) is snorting coke behind a closed bathroom door. The camera follows him...
  • Phil Ochs: There but for Fortune
    There but for fortune went Phil Ochs: A new documentary by Kenneth Bowser
    It is hard to believe there was ever a time when Phil Ochs and Bob Dylan were considered equally worthy of being designated “the voice of a generation.”In Kenneth Bowser’s new documentary, Phil Ochs: There but for Fortune, Pete...
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