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  • No ‘Welcome to Studio City’ on west side
    No ‘Welcome to Studio City’ on west side
    There’s a lovely sign coming off the freeway on the east side of Studio City near the Ralphs on Ventura Boulevard. There’s a nice new sign off the freeway on Laurel Canyon and another near the heart of Studio City, Calif. near the CBS...
  • Old Hollywood sign
    A brief history of the sign industry
    From the earliest of times, signs have been central to trade, industry and commerce, evolving from crude etchings that told stories, to much shorter forms that signified a place or the purpose of an establishment. While technology has brought in...
  • Erasing mistakes
    Common mistakes when designing a company logo sign
    When starting a business or when trying to improve it, there are a number of things that need to be kept in mind. One detail that is often overlooked until the last minute is designing the company logo. This logo will be used on signs outside of...
  • If you 'take out' the 'IV' you've got a new way to cruise
    Take out the IV and it's a whole new themed cruise for Carnival
    Was it corporate espionage? Were there disgruntled employees, or simply a couple of old lights that finally blinked out at precisely the right time? Any lights could have gone out in the sign, but with Carnival Cruise Line’s luck lately, it...
  • Dark Sky vs Safe Streets
    Chocolay Township Considers Dark Sky Standard
    HARVEY - If you live in the region around Marquette, or along the bright US 41 - M 28 highway corridor, it may be hard to tell that the northern lights are putting on a brilliant display this winter. Planning commissioners in Chocolay Township...
  • Distracted Driver Threats!
    Distracted Driver Profit!
    While driving around Washington, D.C. and Maryland from July 01, 2011 to August 20, 2011, I was deeply troubled by the number of billboards and signs displaying warning messages aboutdistracted driving. This social issue has risen in theranks of...
  • Reagan International Airport 2011
    Roundtrip from DCA to MSP: Technology saves the day
    With baggage fees unlikely to go away soon and security lines as long as ever, it’s nice to know one thing about airline travel has improved – our adaption to technology.Recently I traveled from Reagan National Airport (DCA) to...
  • Take “A” Letter Antoinette
    Take “A” Letter Antoinette
    The set design of “Mary’s” apartment included the letter “M” as decorative art on Mary Tyler Moore television show of the 1970’s. INSTUDIO interior Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis remembers seeing the...
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