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  • Cell phone only sidewalks, one way to battle the distracted phone walker.
    Phone-only sidewalks herd distracted walker-talkers together
    Phone-only sidewalks are the latest attempt at keeping the preoccupied pedestrians from banging into people or cutting folks off as they walk down the city street. China opened its first phone-only sidewalk in the city of Chongqing segregating the...
  • Sacramento Chalk It Up Festival
    Sidewalk tiles become canvases during Sacramento Chalk It Up Festival
    Since 1991, the sidewalks of Sacramento's Fremont Park would become canvases for children, amateur, and professional artists to draw upon during Labor Day weekend courtesy of the annual Chalk It Up Festival in Sacramento. People got creative...
  • Heather Morrison has parking issues
    'Glee' star Heather Morrison aka Britney, has parking issues
    Popular “Glee” star Heather Morrison is may be having issues with her neighbors over her parking skills. It seems Ms. Morrison is in the habit of parking on the sidewalk in front of her Los Angeles apartment building according to TMZ...
  • Elevated sidewalk at Brooklyn bus stop
    Brooklyn sidewalk dilemmas are in need of some repair
    Thursday, September 20th, a report was sent to NYC 311 about a broken curb and sidewalk along Fulton and Court Streets at Brooklyn Borough Hall. By October 3rd, the brokenness has gone from bad to worse. Despite the orange cones, more debris has...
  • Pratt Parkway Bridge
    Left Hand Creek Flood Control
    They are late in getting started, but the city contractors have finally started working on the Left Hand Creek flood control project. The project will enlarge the creek channel from Pike Drive to Main street to reduce flooding in the Southmore...
  • Lincoln Restaurant -- Happy Hour
    Lincoln Restaurant -- Happy Hour
    Quick Shot: Low-key, perfectly-nice-but-not-too-fancy restaurant near the Mississippi strip, but over on Williams -- Lots of natural and reclaimed wood throughout -- NW Industrial tone, with roll-up garage doors and lots of windows. Location: NE ...
  • Star Bar -- Happy Hour
    Star Bar -- Happy Hour
    Quick Shot: Used to be The Maiden -- Known for velvet paintings, a great jukebox, and local, fresh food -- Dark with deep red walls and a wide variety of seating options (retro leather booths, cocktail tables, couches) -- Basic sidewalk seating...
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