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  • Who can you count on?
    Third tenant of prepping: forming a community
    The third tenet of Prepping models the behavior that you must take care of yourself and your family through community. In a true SHTF we need to partner with our neighbors, friends, or other individuals who prepare as we do. In these groups we...
  • ‘Survivors’ is a chilling and informative novel
    ‘Survivors’ is a chilling and informative novel
    In this 382 page novel, published in 2011, James Wesley Rawles, a former Army Intelligence Officer and legendary survivalist, has written about what the world in general and the U.S. in particular might be like after a series of catastrophic...
  • Prepper's need support too!
    Prepper's need support too!
    To prepare effectively, you need to gain the support of your spouse, partner, or family. Prepping is a life-changing philosophy that many people have never heard of or considered. When I started Prepping, I did not have the support of my spouse,...
  • The Prepper's Survival Triangle
    Preppers and Mental Fortitude
    Just as important as health and physical conditioning is mental fortitude. Mental fortitude has a direct impact on the prepper and if not properly managed can lead to stress, depression, and anxiety. These factors can contribute to physical...
  • Survival Triangle
    So, you want to be a prepper?
    This article is the first in a series of topics focusing on the prepper, the prepper mindset, and the prepper lifestyle. The first thing to understand is what a Prepper is and is not. RiverWalker defines a prepper as:“Prepper (noun): An...
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