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  • This Day in Richmond History: November 26, 1911
    This Day in Richmond History: November 26, 1911
    On this 26th day of November in 1911, Henry Clay Beattie Jr. is laid to rest next to his wife, who he had murderedFollowing a short service at Beattie's family's home, the small crowd of relatives and friends proceeded to Maury Cemetery in...
  • Shotgun
    More 'swift justice,' a gross injustice and health care explained
    One man is dead and another is in custody as the investigation continues into Wednesday morning’s fatal shooting in Kent in which the owner of a nursery killed an alleged intruder with a shotgun blast, the fourth time since April that a...
  • Theo Ribbs
    Theo Ribbs Aims For The Top Of Shooting Sports, And The 2016 Summer Olympics
    Hand and eye coordination – is it a talent or a common, natural ability? To allow the eyes to lead the hand to make contact with a target, consist of timing and speed, is one of the greatest exercises to physically manage. But what if this...
  • Police car speeds through traffic
    When seconds count…only you can defend yourself
    Most people have heard the saying “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”. Sadly, this is true. According to a study by the Department of Justice, the average crime takes only 90 seconds to commit, yet the fastest...
  • Shooting at Remington Gun Club
    A day shooting sporting clays at Remington Gun Club
    Located about 18 miles east of Little Rock near the town of Lonoke, Arkansas sits the Remington Arms ammunition factory. About one mile south of the factory is Remington Gun Club, a shooting range that is open to the public. It is a great place to...
  • Chiappa 1887 lever action shotgun
    Chiappa's new 1887 lever action shotgun
    Today Chiappa have introduced a 1887 lever action shotgun is a faithful copy of the 1887 Winchester. The original Browning designed Winchester 1887 was the first repeating shotgun.This fast functioning lever action shotgun holds 5-rounds in the...
  • shotgun
    Gun control measure in Colorado could ban popular standard shotgun
    It's the most popular weapon used by hunters in Colorado, but if Democrats in that state have their way, the standard shotgun could be banned under one of the gun control measures working its way through the state Capitol, CBS Denver reported...
  • Houston PD
    Houston group to hand out shotguns in high-crime neighborhoods
    A graduate student is handing out shotguns in neighborhoods ravaged by high crime rates in Houston. What could possibly go wrong?University of Houston graduate student Kyle Coplen founded the Armed Citizens Project to put claims from pro-gun and...
  • Joe Biden
    Biden’s self-defense advice: Commit a crime
    Vice President Joe Biden’s sage advice to his wife about handling “a problem” at their Delaware home is to violate the law by discharging both barrels of a double-barrel shotgun in the yard.That was the gist of a story published...
  • $3 billion industry at risk in rural Colorado
    $3 billion industry at risk in rural Colorado
    Part 2 of 2Hunting in Colorado has dwindled over the past five years, but still ranks, along with skiing, as a top tourism driver. Hunting, angling and wildlife viewing has an annual economic impact of $3 billion across mainly the rural areas of...
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