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  • Walmart faces shopping bag shortage at one Supercenter
    Not that super at one local Walmart center
    No paper or plastic? Shoppers begin using new methods to bag it up as one local Walmart faces an usual bag shortage. Trouble in Walmart paradise?The Crescent Commons Walmart, located along Kildaire Farm Road in Cary, only supplied large or extra...
  • California experiencing a dentist shortage reports UCLA study
    California experiencing a dentist shortage reports UCLA study
    Currently, many healthcare analysts predict a shortage of doctors in California, fueled by an influx of patients from enrollment in the Affordable Care Act. On March 26, the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research released a report that California...
  • Velveeta shortage
    Velveeta shortage: Attention Super Bowl dips, Kraft says Velveeta shortage ahead
    A Velveeta shortage is on the horizon, says Kraft Foods, causing a meltdown of sorts from Super Bowl party planners and lovers of the iconic yellow brick of softened cheese.In the coming weeks, Velveeta may be harder to find at your local grocer,...
  • Determining the fate of truck drivng careers
    Determining the fate of truck drivng careers
    Truck driving is considered a good career for individuals that like to drive and be on the road for long periods of time. According to a recent article by Forbes, the State of Logistics Report contains data which shows hours of service will reduce...
  • Non-medical school staff can now administer injections in California
    Non-medical school staff can now administer injections in California
    Some children, such as diabetics, require injection while attending school. This can be readily accomplished by a school nurse—if one is available. However, many schools have a nurse on a part-time basis and some do not have one available at...
  • Wii U
    Wii U hits shelves in US, major shortage for buyers
    Nintendo's new Wii U system hit US shores Sunday, with fans clamoring for the new device at midnight releases across the country. However, some unlucky fans who, incorrectly, believed they could hold off until Christmas, may have a...
  • The Glistening Orb of Wii U
    Wii U sales may sink Nintendo's profit ship
    The hotly anticipated Wii U system with its unusual touchscreen game pad, so called killer app Miiverse, and rocking HD graphics engine is almost here but the wind may have been knocked out of its sails. After the fiasco over the high sales price...
  • Buy your car banner
    South Jersey used car inventory scarce
    The amount of used car inventory in South Jersey is at near historic lows, this according to multiple South Jersey dealers who wished to remain anonymous. This has resulted in an increase in the cost of used vehicles on both the wholesale and...
  • Las Vegas Valley
    Impending Las Vegas Housing Shortage
    It may come as shocking news, but Las Vegas is likely headed for a housing shortage. Last week, I shared how inventory levels had dropped below 10,000 available homes for the first time in the past six years. Now, just in the last week, that...
  • Housing Shortage?
    Could a Housing Shortage be Headed our Way?
    With the downturn in the market, it may sound impossible, but signs are pointing towards an impending housing shortage. The National Association of Realtors found that since 2008, 550,000 new homes have been constructed each year. At the moment,...
  • Fuel shortage in Japan
    Fuel shortage affects Japan
    Three weeks after a massive earthquake and tsunami struck the north-east region of Japan, survivors are struggling to get back to “normal.” Thousands of Japanese remain in temporary shelters awaiting the construction of temporary...
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