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  • Margaret Knight
    Margaret E. Knight bagged more than 20 patents during her lifetime
    While many women during the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century busied themselves in the textile mills of New England, Margaret Ethridge Knight used her creative genius in an effort to invent a number of devices which would increase...
  • Tote bag
    Crafting reusable shopping bags
    Cities all across the country have been banning or restricting the use of plastic bags by retailers. The communities of Oregon are no exception. Whatever your views on the subject, here is an opportunity for a creative project with virtuous...
  • Fashionable Gucci handbags
    The Perfection of Beauty -- Gucci Handbags
    Handbags do more than holding our belongings. They can at the same time make a unique personal statement and tell others about their owners. Gucci handbags distinguish themselves from multitudinous handbags for their originality, beauty and craft....
  • Vivian’s Bags
    Vivian’s Bags
    Vivian’s bags are handcrafted inspirational Provencal motifs in France that can be used for many occasions. These are fashionable quilted bags that can be used for shopping or going to the beach.If you are looking for a bag for carrying...
  • 220px_Plastiktueten.jpg
    Make switch to cloth and help conserve natural resources.
    Plastic shopping bags Wikimedia Commons Related articles Nashville mayor positions city to be model of the South for green living Nashville living green 2010: What are the options? Going green in Nashville: How to save energy and money Oil rig...