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  • Shattered
    Actress Jenna Stone Discusses ‘SHATTERED’ Kickstarter Campaign
    “A divided young man must fight for life and love in his estranged, nightmare-like reality.”Writer Ian Brightman has put much of his own life experience into “Shattered”, a short film/passion project with a script that...
  • Of A Revolution
    O.A.R. on the Rocks: Make that a double
    Once in a blue moon – make that a super moon – a person experiences something so miraculous that it defies description. Something akin to the galaxy’s most popular band playing at the universe’s most extraordinary venue...
  • Shark tank
    Large aquarium burst spewing sharks and glass at people
    In eastern China, a large aquarium full of fish and sharks burst open. Shards of glass, fish and sharks flew out of the aquarium injuring 15 people.The glass of the tank was 10 inch think protective glass. It gave away sending terrified visitors...
  • Review: Fairly Legal's Kate is 'Shattered'
    Review: Fairly Legal's Kate is 'Shattered'
    In Friday evening’s Fairly Legal episode titled “Shattered”, a case was thrown at Kate (Sarah Shahi) to mediate between a nurse who claims she did no wrong against the nursing home, who sent their lawyer Beth Shepperd (Katie...
  • O.A.R.
    O.A.R. rules at The Marquee: Long live the King
    A few minutes before O.A.R.’s more than sold-out Marquee Theatre show to kick off their “Winter Tour 2012,” a fretful music insider anxiously observed that “Marc (Roberge, O.A.R. frontman) seemed a little tired earlier. I...
  • Light
    Easy Practices to Heal Your Heart
    Have you ever felt like your heart was shattered into a million pieces? A broken heart is actually Love being felt so deeply within our being that our mind intreprets the experience as a shattering or a breaking, when it is nothing of the sort....
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