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  • Facebook
    Is Facebook's IPO worth the risk?
    Facebook is gearing up for a larger- than- life moment set to take place within the next two weeks. Before the month of May, 2012 is through, the social networking hub will be a publically traded company, trading on the NASDAQ under the ticker...
  • Facebook
    Facebook IPO moves closer to launch
    Facebook, the immensely popular social networking hub and internet mainstay for millions around the globe, has moved one step closer to its Initial Public Offering.On Thursday, May 3, Facebook management determined a price for its upcoming IPO in...
  • Watermelon, onions, potatoes
    Buy fresh fruits and vegetables from Community Supported Agriculture in Philly
    Everyone trying to lose weight knows that having the right foods are an essential requirement for a successful, healthy weight loss plan. Unfortunately, all too often, it is a hit or miss findingfresh, fruits and vegetables at a local supermarket...
  • Yelp
    Yelp stock debut has investors optimistic
    Yelp, the service review, social networking, and local search web site, has now hit the street- Wall Street, to be more precise- and investors can’t seem to get enough.Yelp was priced at $15 per share Thursday night with much anticipation...
  • Visa
    Visa reports higher credit card usage and profits
    It looks like Americans are slowly returning to plastic as a means of payment for everyday goods and services.Visa, the San Francisco based credit card processing business, announced its December 31, 2011 quarter- ending financial results and its...
  • Facebook
    Facebook to file initial paperwork for IPO
    Facebook, the social networking web site with millions of members and an internet mainstay for years, is prepared to submit paperwork to federal regulators as the first step in its $5 billion initial public stock offering.Facebook, the company...
  • Green Bay Packers
    Green Bay Packers seek new stockholders
    Sports fans who would like to own a piece of a professional team now have a golden (and green) opportunity.Today, the National Football League’s Green Bay Packers are offering stock in one of the NFL’s most storied franchises. The...
  • Netflix
    Netflix shares plummet as subscribers and investors flee
    Netflix shareholders are running for cover today, dumping shares in large quantities following negative reports from Netflix and investment analysts.Sales and profits are both up at Netflix, but other news is troublesome. The DVD rental outfit...
  • Steve Jobs
    Apple stock remains steady after Jobs' death
    Steve Jobs was one of the founding fathers of modern computers, and the co-founder and CEO of Apple, Inc. One of the first home computers was made by Apple, and the company has since evolved into an electronics giant known for its products like...
  • Now is the time to invest in the biotech industry and expect higher yields next month
    Now is the time to invest in cheap biotech stocks before they rebound
    The current economic recession has affected all of the sectors of the economy including manufacturing, healthcare, the housing industry and now the biotech sector, considered to be one of the most stable portions of the economy has also been...
  • Prosperity Bank
    Prosperity Bank prospers in quarter one
    Banks have been struggling for the past couple of years, but Houston’s Prosperity Bank is a different story.First quarter results for the 2011 calendar year are in, and Prosperity is reporting diluted earnings of 72 cents per share. These...
  • Guitar Hero
    Activision Discontinues Guitar Hero
    For those of you who are Guitar Hero fanatics, you might not want to read on. Activision has pulled the plug on Guitar Hero, stating that the popularity of music-themed video games has faded. As Activision Publishing Chief Executive Eric Hirshberg...
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