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  • Fitness
    How fit are you?
    Everyone has an idea of how fit they are. You can guess and say that I’m in excellent shape, or I’m not in very decent shape. When you do this, you are making a subjective guess as to how your overall fitness is. If you want to know...
  •  All prepper family members need to be in shape
    All prepper family members need to be in shape
    A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. As with a chain, preppers’ family members who are not in shape can compromise the family’s ability to respond well to a disaster such as a power blackout.Some examples will help to...
  • 5 Tips for Getting in Shape This Summer
    5 Tips for Getting in Shape This Summer
    Summer is almost here ladies! This is usually the time of year, when most of us start working out and getting in shape so we can rock whatever we want in terms of fashion this summer. And simply put, working out is not always fun. So instead of...
  • Muscle Woman
    How to retain muscle and strength
    After age 40 muscle mass starts to decline in almost everyone. Even dedicated fitness nuts that keep their body taught and trim will find it harder to do so after 40, more so after 50, and really tough after 60 and beyond. For folks that want to...
  • BeFitNYC: Making the city your gym
    BeFitNYC: Making the city your gym
    Most New Yorkers think of a gym as a fancy place with treadmills, classes, and expensive monthly dues, but there are many free fitness opportunities in the city if you know where to find them. BeFitNYC is a search engine that allows New Yorkers to...
  • resized_Keeping_off_holiday_weight_2.jpg
    7 ways to keep off the extra pounds during the winter holidays
    The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are a welcome break in our hectic schedule. As much as we look forward to them, we also often dread them because they offer many food temptations. Here are a few tried and true tricks, which will help you...
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