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  • Detail of a muslin
    The Legion of Honor series exhibits fashion as art
    The Legion of Honor exhibit "High Style Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection" succeeded in bringing a unique and enlightening view of some of the most important examples of fashion made by some of the most important designers of the...
  • Thai Silks web page
    Thai Silks storefront closing June 30 sale
    The beloved source for silks in the Bay Area, Thai Silks, will be closing its storefront in Los Altos at the end of June. The best source for silks in the bay area for over 50 years will be converting to on-line sales only, so not all is lost. You...
  • Fabricate Studios
    Fabricate Studios to Offer Summer Sewing Camps
    For Atlanta families looking for a summer camp that will interest and engage their budding fashion stylist, seamstress, or mini-fashionista, check out the sewing camps at Fabricate Studios.[Check out a full listing of summer camps in Atlanta here....
  • Tshirt Sleeves
    Make a small drawstring bag from Tshirt sleeves
    If you have been crafting with Tshirts it is likely that you have sleeves leftover. Grab some and make a few drawstring bags. They can be used for a small gift, children's treasures or whatever.
  • Simplity Pattern 1095, coming soon!
    Good news for cosplayers: McCalls and Simplicity now has sewing patterns for you
    It took a long time for the major pattern companies to understand that costumes were not only the purview of children, Halloween, and Christmas pageants. For a very long time, niche pattern companies like Folkwear and Past Patterns filled the gap...
  • Maryland Center of Fashion Design
    Learn to sew at the Maryland Center of Fashion Design
    At a time when many college Fashion Design programs do not include actually learning how to sew, the Maryland Center of Fashion Design is there to fill the (gaping) void. Knowing how a garment goes together is a vital element of good garment...
  • Push the Envelope!
    Enter the American Sewing Expo Push the Envelope! Contest
    The American Sewing Expo announces the 2015 Push the Envelope challenge, sponsored by American and Efird. Push the Envelope is back for 2015 with a brand new and exciting theme, Tassels, Textures, & Trims. Enter this contest by filling out the...
  • Quilt by Nancy Feve
    Best places for fabric and supplies in the Bay Area
    What with the gem "Simply Fabrics" having moved to a new location, it seemed like a good time to touch base on our local supply houses. These are all outstanding fabric stores that cater to the Bay Area's tastes. You are sure to be...
  • Singer sewing machine
    Using pre-owned linens to create a muslin
    An experienced seamstress knows what a muslin is. So do people who sew historical costumes and those who love vintage patterns. To the average stitcher, the concept of a muslin may seem odd and unnecessary. Once you embrace the concept, it will...
  • Simplicity 1196
    Now is the time to sew your easy spring wardrobe
    February is around the corner, and what better way to spend this dreary month than by stitching up a new spring wardrobe. One of the best things about spring is how simple and easy the the clothes are to sew. Spring staples of bright sundresses,...
  • Designer Joi's Sewing Destination
    Designer Joi's Sewing Holiday 2015
    There will be a new kind of sewing event this year at the Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center in Souix City, Iowa. Designer Joi's Sewing Holiday takes place on July 22 through July 25, 2015. Only 300 attendees are allowed. This is like...
  • Darning machine knit garments
    Darning machine knit garments
    Most craft articles tell you how to MAKE things, not how to repair things. Repair is tedious and a lot less fun, but you can get more wear out of machine-knitted garments, like socks and jerseys, with a little discreet repair. This article deals...
  • Five new craft books invite new and experienced crafters
    Find your creative muse in one of these craft books
    While learning a new craft can be intimidating, a good instructional guide can make the process easier. Five books on specific project types offer a head start to the beginner and an inspiration list to the more advanced crafter. Pick a craft and...
  • Zan as Rogue
    Interview with Kathrine Zan: Cosplayer and vendor
    We were told during the Northeast Comic Con that there is a cosplayer named Zan present that is top notch. We found Kathrine Zan dressed as Rogue from X-Men. She makes her own costumes and was selling sewing patterns at a booth next to Negative...
  • What to look for in vintage sewing patterns
    What to look for in vintage sewing patterns
    Everything old is new again, so the saying goes. This is particularly true for clothing styles. While materials and colors change, some items never go out of fashion. Vintage sewing patterns can be a great way to bring back some of the past by...
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