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  • Benjamin Netanyahu's AIPAC speech
    Israel announces new settlements in the Occupied Territories
    Israel announced on June 5 that it would begin construction on hundreds of homes for Israelis in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The building of these settlements beyond the “green line”, otherwise known as the pre-1967 war borders,...
  • Cigna settlement recompenses hundreds denied insurance coverage for nutritional support for eating disorders
    Cigna settles: A victory for mental health parity
    Today, Jan. 15, the health insurance giant, Cigna, reached a settlement on its wrongful denials of mental health treatment compensation. The settlement will result in Cigna paying hundreds of claims that will compensate those denied for...
  • McDonald's Israel
    McDonald's refuses request to open location is Israeli settlement
    Last Thursday, McDonald’s Israel refused a request to open a store within a mall being built in an Israeli settlement called Ariel in a Palestinian territory. The decision was not coordinated with McDonald’s International headquarters...
  • Hanan Ashrawi (R) and Nasser al-Kidwa
    Hanan Ashrawi has her own ideas for a Palestinian state
    You may not remember her name, but if you saw her on your TV screen, you'd certainly recognize her. During the Arafat years, she was always on TV, being interviewed, citing opinions, and fighting for the Palestinian cause. She is an...
  • Mitchell dispatched to Israel to save the Mideast "process"
    Mitchell dispatched to Israel to save the Mideast "process"
    This dancing around the issue of the peace negotiations is incomprehensible to me.Didn't we just go through an entire series of talks between the parties concerned, first with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, then with President Obama, then...
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