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  • volume training
    Higher volume and sets are key to transforming your muscles
    High volume training is a style of weight training where greater than twenty sets are used for each muscle group. As we know, if you continue to do the same amount of sets while training, eventually the body adapts and progress ceases. These sets...
  • ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’s’ ‘Forget Me Not’ cinematically forgettable
    ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’s’ ‘Forget Me Not’ cinematically forgettable
    The fourth episode of “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” aired last night and if you’ve been following form the beginning then you probably agree the episode was cinematically forgettable. “Forget Me Not” was supposed...
  • McGrew Studios
    The Magic of McGrew Studios (Photos)
    The PlaceTucked away downtown in the art gallery district on Pierpont avenue in Salt Lake City, is an eclectic space where magic happens. One cannot help but feel happy and be in awe after stepping inside its doors. The...
  • Stocking stuffers
    Holiday gift guide: Beauty stocking stuffers for under $30
    You may have all your presents wrapped and under the tree but did you remember your stocking stuffers? No need to spend a great deal of money for these items since you can score some great beauty products for under $30.Beauty Secrets 5-piece...
  • Rugby weights
    Why do reps matter?
    More often than not, a novice weightlifter will pick up a dumbbell or sit in a machine and do three sets of ten repetitions. Why? Their likely answer will be, “I don't know.” Three sets of ten is not a bad volume to go with, but if...
  • Dumbbells
    Repetitions and sets 101
    When you hear the words repetitions and sets are you confused? Here is a quick overview about these two terms. Hopefully, you will feel more confident after reading this and be able to add them in to your workout "lingo." Repetitions ...
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