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  • SEO Process
    Search Engine Optimization: In brief and straight
    Why they didn't get top? Sometime, good and attractive website having good quality content and information, is not at top searches. Do you know the reason behind that? Do you know about the strategy and rules of search engine behind showing...
  • MarketMotive
    MarketMotive: free SEO/SEM training, along with topical workshops each month
    Wanted to share the information about the free training and the eight topical workshops held each month via MarketMotive.Free training: workshops: free course is just one small...
  • People won't wait 30 seconds for an elevator pitch. Try this instead.
    5 ways to engage people better
    You need a good, short answer to the question Why should I do business with you? This will become necessary when you meet people face-to-face and when you complete your online profiles. Here’s why.When you meet people face-to-face, someone...
  • Offerpop
    Offerpop updates social marketing apps with actionable social data and analytics
    It's hard to argue that in today's market social media is not an integral part of every day life, especially for businesses worldwide.Social media and social networking has never been as important as it is now and is becoming more and more...
  • Walmart
    What it really costs to run a social media campaign
    If you are not a big organization, chances are you don't know what it costs a company to run a full social media ad campaign. That's because most large social ad campaigns are extremely expensive and you need big pockets to cover the costs...
  • SEO Ecosystem
    Using search engine optimization for generating new customers
    Driving new customers to a company by the internet requires a three-pronged approach of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and affiliates. Of the three approaches, SEO can be the most cost effective means of generating...
  • search engine marketing
    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for Small Businesses
    Search engine marketing can be a highly effective method for small businesses to advance their brand. Companies are increasing their SEM marketing budget worldwide and in 2009 small businesses spent twice as much on SEM as online display / banner...
  • UAB
    UAB acquires high resolution scanning electron microscope
    The University of Alabama at Birmingham acquired a high resolution scanning electron microscope for materials research and education through a $394,000 grant from the National Science Foundation on September 18, 2010.Derrick R Dean (Associate...
  • resized_smileygator.jpg
    The importance of a title tag for online marketing
    One of the most important areas of a website in terms of online marketing and search engine optimization is the title tag. This is the first bit of actual text that the bots and spiders look at in determining what a web page is about. Over and...
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