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  • eBay Buyer Opens a Case Against the Seller
    Why does an eBay buyer quickly open a case against the seller?
    Do you ever wonder why some buyers act so quickly to open an eBay case against a seller? A quick search on eBay customer support for “I didn’t receive my item”, possibly reveals the answer:click here to see eBay’s answerIn...
  • Successful real estate agents are talent giants
    Successful real estate agents are talent giants
    The real estate agent hired to sell your home or assist in locating your next domicile you will live in must possess multiple areas of expertise. Realtors® are technically self-employed individuals. Each agent should be capable of running all...
    Valentine's Day is special for Fiverr couple soon to be married
    A truly inspiring story leading up to Valentine's Day involving a couple of entrepreneurs and the website and Susan are business partners, but they are much more than that. They will soon be life partners as a marriage is...
  • What's the difference between the client and the customer in real estate?
    Are you a realtor's client or customer?
    Okay, so you are at an open house. You meet the realtor hosting the open house for the first time. You start asking the agent questions about why the seller is selling the home, and how much they think the seller is willing to come off the sales...
  • Buyers are not afraid to be creative in this seller's market
    Creativity helps buyers get the winning contract in a seller's market
    This year many states have been enjoying a housing boom, and Texas is no exception. While home prices are up, the inventory of available homes is down. According to Houston Area Realtor’s “Local Market Trends,” statistics taken...
  • Are you buying or selling these days?
    What's new in real estate?
    By: Lori T. Williams, Owner/Managing Attorney of Your Legal Resource, PLLCOften once Spring arrives, the real estate market starts to pick up. This year was no exception. This quarter's legal update focuses on real estate law. For the complete...
  • Home Sales Rise In Chicago With Interest Rates
    Home prices rise with 15 and 30 year mortgage interest rates
    That’s fantastic news for the economy, but lousy news for homebuyers.More Americans are buying homes, but they are also paying more for them. Fixed rate mortgages are at an all-time high since spring 2010.Two reports provide an insight to...
  • Selling your home gets the whole family involved
    How to sell your home in a seller's market
    The housing market is great, and interest rates are starting to climb. In Houston/The Woodlands area, available homes for sale are at a record low. It is a strong seller's market. Many sellers are getting multiple offers on their homes,...
  • Staging a house that's for sale.
    Should I stage my house in order to sell it?
    Absolutely you should! Staging is done for the purposes ofMaking your home more attractive to potential buyersover other homesAllowing the buyers to visualize their potential home.... not yours.Sellingyour homequicker for a higher priceResearch...
  • LA Westside homes for sale
    LA Westside real estate - few homes for sale
    I‘ve mentioned in some of my articles earlier this year that there have been two trends that have become evident in the Westside real estate market in 2012. One is the increase in the number of home sales compared to 2011. Pending and/or...
  • Help Save the Economy - DIY
    Help Save the Economy - DIY
    The NewsThe economy is going bad; buy gold; prepare for the worst; the stock market continues to fluctuate; the government doesn’t know what to do; we are in a double-dip recession!Sound familiar? It seems like Dorothy just got swept up into...
  • Migration to Colorado
    Migration to Northern Colorado creates demand for housing
    Although Northern Colorado has received good news recently with potential job growth from NASA, the reality of our housing market is that people are still struggling to stay in their homes orfind available/affordable homes to rent or buy. Natural...
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