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  • Are You Asking Questions?
    Are You Asking Questions???
    Questions have personal power to solve, mend, create new thought and dive into limitless opportunity. Questions are a critical component in the persuasion process.And there are a multitude of reasons why:First off, when you ask a question you...
  • Stumbles
    Being thankful…even for the challenging stuff
    It is easy to be thankful and count your blessings for all the things that go right in your life. However, a couple of things many of us seem to want to forget as soon as possible, and see no benefit in remembering, are the challenges and tough...
  • A painting guilded by the hand of God
    Painting the canvas of our Christian lives
    A painting is the physical expression of the painter’s imagination. Our lives are much like the same. They are like unto a canvas; we are painting each time we make a decision or a choice. Whether it or not it is a good choice or a bad one,...
  • Procrastination
    Procrastination: Will Deadlines Really Kill You?
    I promised more on procrastination, so here we go. Procrastinators lack self-confidence and are unsure whether they can complete a task that will be seen as adequate. There also appears to be a link between impulsiveness and procrastination...
  • David Riklan
    Leadership: Being a Renaissance Man
    Meet David Riklan. He’s a combination of soft and strong, aka a Renaissance Man. A chemical engineer by training, with a degree from the University of Buffalo, his talents pulled him in other directions. He has a personable style so being is...
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