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  • Gull in the snow
    The seagulls come to Forest Hill in Newark during the winter
    One can hear the soothing sounds of the seagulls in Newark that can remind you of a warm summer day at the shore. However, it is winter and there are still piles of snow on the ground in North Newark, but the seagulls are here. They come to Forest...
  • Beaches are considered to be one of nature's most beautiful gifts.
    5 things to see on a beach
    Beach season is fast approaching and it is usually considered to be an exciting time of year for families—especially those with young children. Going to the beach is one of the best ways to experience the wonders of nature and have some...
  • Shrimping off the Georgia coast aboard the Lady Jane
    Shrimping off the Georgia coast aboard the Lady Jane
    Eating freshly caught wild Georgia white shrimp while on the Lady Jane, off St. Simons Island, is a culinary experience. It’s a brilliant sunny day on the southern Georgia coast as the Lady Jane moves slowly through the channel. The islands...
  • Scott Timmons with his Peregrine Falcon named Fokker.
    Terranea Resort has eco-friendly solution for pesky seagulls
    Situated on the former site of Marineland of the Pacific in the beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes Peninsula is a luxury Mediterranean style resort called "The Terranea".Before The Terranea Resort was able to make its grand opening in June,...
  • Flying High
    Flying High
    I woke up early in the morning to head to the beach to watch the sun rise. I arrived to realize I wasn't the only one who had this idea in mind. People sat on unfolded chairs, some in the sand, some stood as they set up their cameras as I was....
  • California Gull
    The California gull: The story of Utah's state bird
    Why would a state choose a bird with another state's name as its symbolic state bird? Utah's state bird, the California gull (Larus californicus), has good reason to be honored by state residents.When Brigham Young and the early Mormon...
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