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  • Space based laser concept
    Space based lasers proposed to combat climate change
    According to a Friday piece on Motherboard, a group of scientists gathered at a geoengineering conference. Two rather radical ideas were proposed to deal with global warming, a theory advanced that human caused CO2 emissions are causing the Earth...
  • MEMEnomics Book Released in Houston
    MEMEnomics Book Released in Houston
    Exploring the Next Generation Economic System at the Houston MEMEnomics IntensiveSaid Dawlabani, author of MEMEnomics presented an overview of his new theory of MEMEnomics to a group of Houston Spiral Dynamics Integral Scholars. During the...
  • Said Dawlabani released MEMEnomics book in Houston
    Houston Hosts MEMEnomics Book Release
    September 24, Houston, TXAuthor Said Dawlabani released the first shipment of his new book, MEMEnomics: The Next Generation Economic System to a group of Spiral Dynamics Integral scholars in Houston, TX. If you missed this shipment, you can order...
  • Tom Christensen
    Centers for Human Emergence come to Wisconsin
    Those of you hoping for good things to emerge in the world can take heart. Madison now hosts the Center for Human Emergence USA (CHE-USA). The WI CHE is part of a world-wide effort to bring more complex thinking to solving wicked problems. CHE-USA...
  • Iron Dome anti-missile station seems to work
    Israel's Iron Dome slightly resembles Ronald Reagan's SDI
    Israel's Iron Dome was put into action just the other day and Grab Media/REUTERS have documented it in their video of November 17th, 2012. If you follow the link supplied with Iron Dome you will see that it received a large funding from the U....
  • eagle_nebula_pillars.png
    The prophesied attack from the heavens
    Eagle nebula pillars Photo: NASA It will represent the greatest battle ever to be fought in the history of man. The world will be united against a threat from outer space which threatens the dominion of global government. A small group will be...
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