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  • Truly Blessed SD Album Cover Art
    Rapper SD tries to crossover with the happy 'Truly Blessed'
    Chicago rapper and former Glory Boy, SD, probably would not have gotten away with dropping his debut LP, Truly Blessed, with Chief Keef's Glory Boyz, or Glo Gang as they're called now. SD, while lightly touching on the dangers of urban...
  • Have you thanked a transporter lately?
    Have you thanked a transporter lately?
    In the world of social media, sharing an animal in a kill shelter can certainly help save that animal. Their photos haunt us: the dog cowering in the corner and the cat so terrified in her cold cage. Those who have seen and shared the posts are...
  • Moving the herd
    West River ranchers continue western tradition
    Ranchers in western South Dakota are busy this time of year checking pairs and moving cows in from winter pastures for the calving season. Although technology continues to progress forward locals still find saddeling up and riding out to work the...
  • Los Angeles feels last night's earthquake, but only a little bit of the shaker was experienced here
    Los Angeles feels earthquake, so does San Diego during Padres baseball game (photos)
    June 15, 2010 - Los Angeles felt last night's 5.7 aftershock, but the earthquake was only mildly experienced in the City of Angeles. Meanwhile, San Diego Padres fans reported more of a jolt during a baseball game against the Blue Jays. In fact...
  • 05242010_BNVN_BisonSD_WedgeTornadoSD.jpg
    05/24/2010 Bison, SD Wedge Tornado
    Wedge Tornado, Bison, SD - BNVN, Tony Laubach BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach was chasing a large cone & wedge tornado along SD-73 southeast of Bison, South Dakota as it moved north/northwest. Video package opens with a handheld shot of...
  • 052210_BNVN_SouthDakotaTornadoes_IVEY.jpg
    05/22/2010 Storm Chasers Inside the Edmunds County, SD tornado
    Insert photo caption or credit here Brandon Ivey was out storm chasing today in north central South Dakota. He caught several tornadoes and the footage starts out with structure shots on a tornado warned super cell. It then shows a developing...
  • sardines.jpg
    Easy Lunch: Sardine Sandwiches
    We have a love affair with canned fish. Now, I will wait for all the shrieking and gagging in horror and disgust to die down before I continue. Let's discuss our collective weirdness, as a nation, over canned fishies. Preserved fish aren't any new...
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