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  • Bioelements Pumice Peel
    Review: Bioelements Pumice Peel
    While washing the skin, it's important to use a product that not only cleans well, but that also does much more, including allowing the skin to feel soft and moisturized. The Bioelements Pumice Peel not only does all the aforementioned, but it...
  • DIY Scrub Ingredients
    DIY Scrub for Dry Winter Skin Blues
    If cold winter winds and heated air have your skin feeling dry and cracked, pamper your skin with this quick DIY natural scrub.What you'll need:4 tsps brown sugar3 tsps Organic Coconut Oil1 tsp jojoba or apricot kernel oil3 tsp Organic honey2...
  • Deepelement
    DIY: Cold & Flu Body Scrub-Bath & Massage Oil.
    Winter is upon us and so to is dry, flaky, dull skin coupled with those nasty colds and flu.... If, like me, you too find yourself looking into home-remedies to cure what ails ya- then look no further! My body scrub, bath oil and massage oil...
  • Wake That Ass Up Emulsified Salt Scrub by thesoapseduction
    Review: Wake That Ass Up Emulsified Salt Scrub by thesoapseduction
    So let's talk aboutWake That Ass Up Emulsified Salt Scrub by TheSoapSeduction.One may look at the little 8 ounce jar in the picture and think, "Isn't that a bit small? It's not going to last very long." Wrong. That little jar...
  • Spa Sonic Care System
    Beautify your Face with this Magic Brush
    Breakouts are a nightmare and this skin drying time of the year is no help. A current rage are products sporting little brushes meant to help you rejuvenate and tighten your skin.As great as they can be many of them tend to be, they can also be a...
  • Natural beauty recipe: Organic honey, milk, oat, and brown sugar scrub
    Natural beauty recipe: Organic honey, milk, oat, and brown sugar scrub
    When most people see the ingredients of honey, milk, oats, and brown sugar; they may assume that you're preparing a hearty breakfast meal. But this lovely recipe is in fact a fantastic facial and body wash! During the cooler winter months, our...
  • DIY Pumpkin Spice Scrub
    Treat your skin to a DIY pumpkin spice facial
    As fall settles in and schedules begin to fill up at a brisk pace, the first thing that changes on the to do list is usually a little self pampering. Between school activities and fall gatherings with friends and family, finding the time to visit...
  • Florida voter registration purge
    When states defy federal Justice orders: Florida
    Florida is purging voter registration records now, even though the U.S. Justice Department has ordered them to stop. The reason is that Justice determined that the Florida process is unfair and unreasonable and will have a negative effect on many...
  • LaLicious Sugar Kiss Body Scrub
    LaLicious 'Sugar Kiss' body scrub supports BCA
    LaLicious, a natural bath and body fave has recently introduced a brand new scent of their best-selling Sugar Soufflé Body Scrub called Sugar Kiss. Sugar Kiss features notes of vanilla, citrus and rose. This luxurious scrub exfoliates and...
  • Turkish rituals at the Reliquary Spa at the Hard Rock
    Turkish rituals at the Reliquary Spa at the Hard Rock
    Looking for a Spa that gives your body and skin the complete experience? When you walk into the Reliquary Spa at the Hardrock Hotel in Las Vegas you might think you have stepped into oldRoman times. The Spa has a beautiful co-ed Roman bath that...
  • oilofolayscrub.JPG
    How to make your skin glow
    Oh, the horror of dull skin, the heartbreak of clogged pores. And fine lines caused by dehydration are enough to make us feel a little light-headed. What will save humanity from this plight? Um, use a scrub. Seriously, this over-looked product...
  • Ocean Salt can be purchased at Lush Carmel, located at the Pine Inn Complex in downtown Carmel.
    Being a lush isn't always a bad thing
    Summer is here! It's time to pull out your gladiator sandals and monokini and step into the sunshine. With a farewell to the cool climate of the central coast and a hello to warmer weather, the time has come to prep for bathing suit season....
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