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  • Strawberry cake from scratch
    Strawberry cake from scratch
    Today, I'm concluding my series on strawberries and strawberry recipes. In the event you missed any of my articles this week, here are the links to them, so you can get them:
  • Cafe 77
    Cafe 77 Made from Scratch
    Menus tucked in the crook of her arm, glasses of water carried in her hands, and a big welcoming smile on her face as she said, “Welcome to Café 77, my name is Shelia.”Welcome is how you feel from the moment you enter the best little...
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West gut their mansion: Starting over from scratch?
    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West purchased a massive mansion last year in hopes of renovating it for this year. However, it sounds like things are not going as fast as expected. In fact, Kim and Kanye are currently living with Kris Jenner in her...
  • Swanky Tunes will perform at FINALE on Friday, November 22
    Swanky Tunes will perform at NYC’s Finale the day of their new release 'Scratch'
    NEW YORK, NEW YORK— Known for their phenomenal collaborations and recognizable eletro-house sound, the Russian producing trio, Swanky Tunes, will be heading to New York City’s FINALE this Friday, November 22 as their highly-anticipated...
  • Scratch
    Style your mani this fall with Scratch nail wraps
    Celebs seem to have all the fun when it comes to nail designs. Their nails look super fab but when we go to the store to try and emulate their style, the wraps on hand seem super cheap or like something an super tan, old lady living in Florida...
  • There is no delete button... Move on11
    There is no delete button... Move on11
    There is no delete button to allow me to delete this article as I am moving to another blog.Click this if you think this is in error.
  • Scammed
    Scammed in the grocery store parking lot
    With the holiday season here and all of us in a hurry, I want to share how I was the victim of a scam in the parking lot of Jumbo Grocery Store in Enid, Ok, on Nov. 16th.It was a Friday afternoon around 4 PM. I had stopped to get some supplies to...
  • Thai Orchid-off Hwy 1 in Aberdeen, NC
    Thai Orchid: Stamp your food passport for lunch without leaving Aberdeen
    Finding a good lunch place is not an easy task, especially in a smaller, very far out suburb of Raleigh-let's say an hour outside of Raleigh suburb. The chain restaurants are scattered amidst the fast food landscape, but finding that local gem...
  • Lessons learned in the past can be applied to today's frugal lifestyle.
    Frugal food lessons from the past
    In the past year, the Ohio Department of Aging interviewed Columbus and Ohio residents who lived in Columbus through the Great Depression to gather tips on living a frugal life. For these citizens, frugality wasn't a choice or a movement; it...
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