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  • Art from scrap at Coconut Grove Arts Festival
    Art from scrap at Coconut Grove Arts Festival
    Repurposing of materials abandoned or scrapped by their original owners gives many artists a quirky creative outlet. The 2015 Coconut Grove Arts Festival attracted several such exhibitors. Their work reflects their technical skills and imagination...
  • USS Forrestal: On final voyage to scrap heap in Texas
    USS Forrestal: On final voyage to scrap heap in Texas
    USS Forrestal is on its final voyage from Philadelphia to a scrapyard in Texas. First launched in 1955, the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier is making its way south one last time. According to United Press Internantional (UPI) on Feb. 5, a crowd...
  • Quick Guide: Recycling
    Quick Guide: Recycling
    Recycling has become popular over the past few years as a way to save space in landfills and cut down on the amount of new materials that have to be mined, harvested, or created. For decades before that, however, people thought of recycling as a...
  • Vintage button collection
    Fabric store review: SCRAP, San Francisco
    San Francisco is one of the greenest cities in the US; its recycling program diverts over three-quarters of the city's trash away from landfills. Many non-profit groups work to help keep recycling and reuse happening in the Bay Area. SCRAP,...
  • Yarn Stash
    How to craft inexpensively
    Many people in Portland choose to make their holiday gifts each year because it is fun and less expensive than purchasing expensive gifts. When it comes to crafting, it can get expensive depending on what kind of projects you like to do and where...
    *Promote Healthy and Environmental Awareness*Reduce waste and keep useful materials out of landfills!*Inspire art-making and breathing new life into old materialsThis wonderful non-profit, creative, fun workshop is great for teachers, artists,...
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