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  • Libra demonstrates the balance of the seasons
    Libra leads the way into Fall
    This story is created and written by Carol Gibson and is submitted to If you see this article at any other site than, it has plagiarized. Please go to Miami Astrology Examiner Carol Gibson to get theoriginalarticle and...
  • Kitchen Scales
    The essential tool every weight watcher needs
    If anyone has ever asked you what you want for your birthday or for Christmas, and you had no idea, thenthis article is for you. Even if no one has asked you, you can get this for yourself—now!What is that tool? It is a simple kitchen scales...
  • bathroom scales
    To weigh or not to weigh
    Weighing oneself is a very touchy subject. For the majority of overweight or obese adults in the US, stepping on the bathroom scale is a dreaded ritual. But for some people, especially people with anorexia, stepping on a scale is a compulsion. A...
  • Libra-Balancing the Elements
    Libra Astrology Foods
    Libra Astrology FoodsLibra is ever caught in a balancing act, weighing out the best possibility amidst the extremes. And for you, balancing your diet is a big part of being able to perform your best. All the zodiac signs have plants as well as...
  • Frightened by NYSSMA?
    'Tis the most wonderful time of the (NYSSMA) year
    As a private teacher and an adjudicator, the arrival of NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) season is truly like the holidays in February. It involves lots of travel, stress, standing in line, and children anxiously awaiting that...
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