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  • Left behind: Oso mudslide active search ends with two still missing
    Left behind: Oso mudslide active search ends with two still missing
    No man left behind. It is the creed of many a courageous soldier in the United States Armed Forces, with a special weight for some, including Rangers, SEALs – and Marines. Today, former United States Marine Steve Hadaway, a victim of the...
  • Deep into darkness: SAR dogs and the Oso mudslide
    Deep into darkness: SAR dogs and the Oso mudslide
    The burnished-red Golden Retriever stands in the midst of death; he’s been here before. He raises his nose to the slight breeze, using his 220 million scent receptors to go to work. While his handler might notice a teaspoon of sugar added to...
  • Department of Homeland Security's unmanned surveillance UAV
    Department of Homeland Security widens its reach
    While the world and the majority of privacy-conscious Americans are rightly concerned with the NSA’s far reaching surveillance, the Department of Homeland Security continues its stealthy encroachment into every aspect of our lives.For...
  • Mark and Mike Nelson, Retired Dentists
    Twin Retired Dentists Dress as Revolutionary War Soldiers for S.A.R. Events
    Twin retired dentists Mike and Mark Nelson were at a Daughters of the American Revolution conference in Stevens Point, Wisconsin this past weekend dressed as soldiers from the American Revolution.The twins grew up in Janesville and graduated from...
  • Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center
    National Park Service Completes Search & Rescue Training
    22 students, including NPS Search and Rescue staff (SAR) from around the country, recently graduated from the intensive National Search and Rescue Academy (NSARA). The academy was held at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center near...
  • The Road to College
    Checklist for College Preparation
    Dear LA Teacher,I’m a senior at Van Nuys High School. A few days ago I was accepted at UC Irvine. What should I do between now and the fall to prepare for college?High AchieverDear High Achiever,Congratulations on your early acceptance at...
  • Revolutionary War Re-Enactment
    Finding your African American patriot: Part 2
    While African Americans are not found in large numbers on the membership roles of lineage societies such as Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) and Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), the societies maintain an open membership to those...
  • Search and rescue
    Hikers lost at 10,000 feet rescued on San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, AZ
    Two hikers who became lost at 10,000 feet on the San Francisco Peaks called for rescue earlier this week. The lost pair telephoned the Coconino County Sherriff’s at sunset. They reported that they began hiking on the Kachina Trail and then...
  • Sycamore Canyon
    Lost, sick hikers rescued from Sycamore Canyon near Sedona
    Text messaging saves twenty-somethings in remote wilderness Three twenty-year old male hikers were rescued last night from Sycamore Canyon near Sedona, AZ. One of the hikers was experiencing symptoms of heat-related illness when they sent word via...
  • The Nose Knows
    That Amazing Canine Nose knows what our noses don't know
    How do they do it? The Amazing Canine Nose can sniff out smells we don’t even know exist.Want to know how a dog’s nose helps humanity- rescue, military, medical and enforcement teams? Well, for starters, there are 200 million scent...
  • Search and rescue dog in the field.
    About a local organization which uses dogs to find and rescue people
    Cuyahoga Valley Search and Rescue is a local non-profit, volunteer organization based here in Northeast Ohio. I interviewed a member of this adventurous group of people, Adrienne Schlott. Here is our interview: 1. What do you feel Search and...
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