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  • Mudge is on the kill list and could die tomorrow
    Sad update: Dejected shepherd mix to die tomorrow
    A very sad update on poor, dejected puppy Mudge. Who is to blame for the tragic outcome? Not those who tried. Not the person who tried to save him. Not SAPA! who tried to help him. The person responsible for this is the one who allowed a dog to...
  • Rusty is URGENT in San Antonio
    Update: Scheduled to be killed; got last minute reprieve for 24 hours
    Happy update is that Rusty was rescued at the last minute! He is safe. Link to freedom pic and link on page for donations for Rusty's medical costs.Rusty is described as a sweet teddy bear of a dog. This handsome Shepherd mix loves people and...
  • Bruno is perfectly adoptable but in danger of euthanasia
    San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA) is desperate for foster homes to help save lives
    San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA), a rescue group in San Antonio, Texas, is desperately seeking people who will foster dogs. Their goal is to save the dogs who were passed over by other rescues. They try to save the ones who are healthy or can be...
  • For Pete's sake: Little puppy in need of last minute rescue from Texas shelter
    For Pete's sake: Little puppy in need of last minute rescue from Texas shelter
    Meet Pete; he's extremely sweet; he and his sister, Paula (not pictured) are cuddled up together one last night. Both puppies are scheduled to be euthanized on Wednesday and must have an adoption or foster commitment before 12:00 p.m....
  • Fore! PAWS Golf Tournament
    Fore! PAWS Golf Tournament Fundraiser for San Antonio Pets Alive!
    It was announced today that San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA) will be running their second Fore! PAWS golf tournament on December 3rd to raise much needed funds for their rescued pets.The tournament will be held at the exclusive Club at Sonterra, and...
  • 14 dogs returned to shelter
    Dogs returned to rescue shelter after being adopted
    San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA) have announced that 14 dogs were returned to their rescue shelter yesterday, resulting in anger from animal lovers on Facebook. The reason behind these returns varied from the dog being deemed by the adopter as "...
  • Animals available for adoption at San Antonio Pets Alive!
    San Antonio Pets Alive! adoption event at Petsmart
    The atmosphere at Petsmart today was one of combined excitement, anxiety, happiness, and sad farewells as the volunteers of San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA) brought along some of the many dogs, puppies, and kittens currently in desperate need of a...
  • Time is up for A208263 at San Antonio ACS @ 6 mos. of age
    Update: Parvo! Puppy fosters needed immediately due to outbreak
    The Parvo outbreak continues. San Antonio Pets Alive is desperately looking for fosters to save puppies who will otherwise be killed. They sent out this request today: We are in a dire situation here at San Antonio Pets Alive today, 4710 Highway...
  • Lab puppy needing short term foster
    Parvo! Puppy fosters needed immediately due to outbreak
    The animal rescue community of San Antonio is reaching out to find fosters after several dogs in one of San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS) kennels came down with Parvo on Tuesday. That kennel is now being quarantined and the whole facility...
  • Sapa girl
    Vietnam from top to bottom
    Vietnam, a long, skinny nation that hugs the coast and is, in some places, no more than 31 miles (50 km) wide, lends itself to a linear itinerary. A country known for its beauty, history, and friendly people, Vietnam has been a staple on the...
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