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  • Amy Tan
    Titles to while away summer hours
    Summer offers time to catch up on favorite novels. Here are some 2014 releases."On the Rocks" (William Morrow, $25.99), by Erin Duffy, is a breezy beach read for young women. Abby Wilkes is trying on wedding dresses when she sees that...
  • Shoot back
    Fight crime: shoot back
    Snohomish County authorities were still investigating last night’s shooting at a private residence near Lake Stevens today, an incident that is getting coverage from all the local news agencies, and is one more example of a trend this column...
  • San Francisco artist creates visual puzzles from scavenged materials
    San Francisco artist creates visual puzzles from scavenged materials
    Digital technology, for all its ubiquity, can be overrated. The San Francisco artist Andy Vogt has made a specialty of working—along with high-tech materials like dichroic glass—with the unsung material of redwood lath, once ubiquitous...
  • Getting it in when you have children
    Relationships: Getting it in when you have children
    If you have kids then you know how rewarding it can be to nurture and shape their lives. You also know how tiring it can be to keep up with them. They seem to have this endless energy that just goes, goes and goes. It is challenging to get up in...
  • Sex: Air sex that is
    Sex: Air sex that is
    Do you got moves like Jagger? There are select few who desire to flaunt their stuff through air sex. Apparently air sex is more popular than I previously thought especially in Japan. Honestly I didn't even know these competitions existed. The...
  • Leave Your Heart
    Leave Your Heart
    Leave your heart in SanFrancisco. Take the challenge; see what those song lyrics are talking about. Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Scala’s Bistro located in the Drake Hotel on Powell Street ($$). The atmosphere is great, dark...
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