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  • TOP: A happy miser. BOTTOM: A hair-raising confrontation.
    Oz on Film Part Seventy-six: The First T.V. Series of Oz, Part Twenty-seven
    One of the less appealing aspects of Tales of the Wizard of Oz is the portrayal of Rusty Tinman as truly heartless. Unlike his literary antecedent Nick Chopper, he easily loses his temper, frequently maltreats other people, and is always up for a...
  • Right in own eyes
    Samson's eyes
    "In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”Judges 17:6; 21:25 Samson is depicted as a strong, wild champion in Scripture, but one who succumbed to many temptations. All of these failings...
  • Pomeranian dog
    Pomeranian killed in drive-by shooting in New Mexico
    The life of a small Pomeranian dog was snuffed out in a drive-by shooting on Thursday, Dec. 12, as he was being walked by his owner along with two other dogs. The little dog’s death happened in northwestern New Mexico where the Denver couple...
  • Samson in "The Bible" series has dreadlocks
    Samson in 'The Bible' series has dreadlocks
    In the past, when you read the scriptures about Samson in Judges 16, did you have any idea what he looked like? You read that his strength was in his hair. Be honest though. Did you have any idea his hair was in dreadlocks as shown on "The...
  • Archaeological discovery of ancient coin depicts Samson?
    Archaeological discovery of ancient coin depicts Samson?
    The recent discovery of an ancient coin by Israeli archaeologists near the Sorek River supports the Biblical account of Samson.Critics of the Bible have claimed there is no verification for the existence of the man who received the most famous...
  • Zoom Q2HD
    Zoom's Q2HD handheld camcorder breaks ground with new features
    As recognized leaders in cutting-edge yet affordable handheld products, Zoom has taken technology to the next level with the Q2HD. The new camcorder features an upgraded camera sensor, enhanced user interface, onboard Mid-Side stereo recording and...
  • The Bible
    Watch out for those Philistines!
    Our god has delivered our enemy into our hands, (Judges 16:24).Today’s text sounds like something the children of Israel would say after they had defeated one of their enemies. Unfortunately, in this case, it was the great enemy of the...
  • Samson and Deliah
    Pastor tells congregation, 'You be the judge of it'
    On Sunday, July 8, 2012, Rev. Lois Paige, pastor of New Canaan Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia preached from Judges 16 usingthe title: "You Be The Judge of It."Pastor Paige began by explaining what a "philosophy of life"...
  • Samson sold
    Samson sold
    Samson Oil and Gas has been extremely productive in the northeastern corner of Montana, providing rapid results for Fort Peck Energy. So, productive they became of interest and this week purchased by an investor group consisting of Kohlberg Kravis...
  • Samson Stout
    Estes Park Brewing Company Samson Stout
    The beauty of nature and the beauty of Colorado beer seem to go hand in hand. Estes Park Brewery pays a special tribute to Samson the elk with this American style stout. While holding a much lighter weight at 5% ABV this stout still offers the...
  • Karen's Braids
    Hair her heiress - The meaning behind hair
    By far, thus far, she is seldom to one’s dark and cloudy moods that sometimes threaten to shadow the sunshine within her movements. Daily in her life, as a woman she is often caught by eyes focused on features most fair to them.Karen Pringle...
  • resized_Go_Mic_open_white_web.jpg
    Samson "Go" mic REVIEW
    WOW, WOW, WOW! That's all I can say about this pretty close to perfect product! As a DJ and someone who likes to play around with editing, and production, this thing is freakin awesome! The quality that you get from this thing is unlike any...
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