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  • Charles Butler & Trinity new CD available now
    Gospel Music Tuesday: Hillsong, Charles Butler & Trinity and more (Photos)
    After sixteen years, an industry favorite releases their debut project, a veteran group debuts new music with their signature style and Hillsong adds another album to their extensive catalog. Here are the albums released Tuesday, Feb. 26.&ldquo...
  • Borderlands 2
    Real person reviews: Borderlands 2
    These reviews are not done by some “paid professional” or a person that claims to be one. They are done, by someone who’s just a gamer with a passion for gaming. My hope is to play a small part in a fellow gamer’s decision...
  • Gunzerker skill tree
    Borderlands 2: Gunzerker class review and tips to surviving Pandora
    Borderlands 2 released last week, and many Steam users find their friends lists still full to the brim with people playing the game. One of the more popular classes to play is Salvador the Gunzerker. Salvador is a native of Pandora, and his...
  • Borderlands 2
    Preview: Gaming heaven is approaching
    Summer is coming to a close as kids return to school, families return from vacation and summer jobs come to a close. Though the hot summer days will soon meet their end just over the horizon is one of four highly anticipated games to keep gamer...
  • Tierra del Fuego
    Argentina: Ushuaia
    At the realization that we were climbing up a glacier in jeans and tennis shoes, we decided to stop going upward or we’d end up like Sylvester Stallone in that one movie where he’s climbing mountains; you know, the one where we’d...
  • The Beagle Channel in Ushuaia
    Argentina: Tierra del Fuego
    Tierra del Fuego; the “Land of Fire,” my ass. This place is, for lack of a better description, f’ing freezing. Literally. There’s snow, frost, ice, and face-chapping coldness everywhere. After spending the last three months...