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  • A Taste of Cowboy: Ranch Recipes and Tales from the Trail
    A Taste Of Cowboy: Ranch Recipes and Tales from the Trail
    What do cowboys eat?Kent Rollins knows, because he cooks for them. Real cowboys.His new book, A Taste Of Cowboy: Ranch Recipes and Tales from the Trail, lays it all out. A cowboy and trail cook, Rollins also runs the Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon...
  • JJ Abrams, Doug Dorst, Ship of Theseus, S
    S by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst
    One of the most unusual books you will ever encounter. Not only a book within a book, but also included is lot of ephemera. You need a decoder for this one! Written by J.J. Abrams (film maker of Lost fame) and novelist Doug Dorst, S is an...
  • Connors Nubble Maine
    Resolution Reboot!
    Are your New Year’s Resolutions going south about now?The good news is that you’re normal! Statistically, this is the week that life starts to intrude on all the good intentions you felt so strongly about just a few weeks ago.The bad...
  • High Blood Pressure Can Affect Your Sex Life
    How High Blood Pressure Can Affect Your Sex Life?
    High blood pressure is a common concern for many men, and can cause serious health complications. It can also adversely effect a man's sexual life. There are often no warning signs associated with high blood pressure, leaving men to wonder why...
  • Grocery shopping
    Ideas for smarter eating
    Grocery Shopping“It’s OK to mix frozen or precooked food with fresh items (like broccoli) if it helps you get tasty, nutritious meals on the table faster. Healthy eating isn’t an all-or-nothing deal,” according to BHG...
  • Badmaash, Not The Usual Indian Restaurant: Los Angeles, California
    Badmaash, Not The Usual Indian Restaurant: Los Angeles, California
    Badmaash means rebel, naughty, notorious, a person who does what he or she wants. Nakul Mahendro, the owner of the Badmaash Restaurant, explained, “When we were young, my father said, ‘Be good boys, don’t act like a Badmaash....
  • Free access to the press is enshrined in the Bill of Rights
    The Bill of Rights: Freedom of speech and press
    The founders of the United States of America valued freedom and they wanted to enshrine their newly won freedoms in law. The Bill of Rights enumerated the rights and freedoms that every citizen of the United States of America.The Bill of Rights is...
  • 2012 Toyota Corolla S
    Toyota announces pricing and luxury options for 2013 Toyota Corolla
    Toyota just released pricing and luxury options for it’s 2013 Toyota Corolla. Pricing begins at $16,230 for the Corolla LE and goes all the way up to $19,060 for the Corolla S. According to Toyota, prices have increased 1.3 % or $239.Design...
  • Sophisticated Flower Arrangement
    What is "S" Shaped Flower Arrangement ?
    Suppose you began to learn floral designs starting from scratch almost one year ago and you believe that by the present time you have cleared elementary level of arrangements. You now feel motivated to proceed to the next level of decorations...
  • resized_one_up.jpg
    4th of July: no picnic for the unemployed in San Diego or across USA
    Each day is a struggle to keep homelessness at bay for America's unemployed millions Bud Meyers of Bud's Blog Related articles House of Representatives pass UI extension with no help for 99ers at all The Senate fails unemployed once again - no...
  • Spies in disguise know the password for fun at the Safe House in Milwaukee.
    Secret Password or Shenanigans Gain Entrance to Milwaukee's Safe House For Spy Fun, Food and Drinks
    A man in a dark suit greets us, asking us for the secret password. Come on - what password? And where is the restaurant? Where's the food? What is this tiny cubicle with the large bookcase on one side? Where did everybody go? Part of the fun...
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