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  • Longest touchdown runs in NFL history
    Longest touchdown runs in NFL history
    The following is a list of the longest touchdown runs from scrimmage in NFL history. All of these plays were either hand-offs, snaps or pitches that the players took for the longest touchdown runs in NFL history. One of the longest runs came on a...
  • Running and judging your run
    Fresno Running Fun Age Grading
    Running is amazing because you compete against no one but yourself. You may not be the fastest running but you can always get better and see yourself getting better quantitatively. You can also compare yourself with others. One great way of...
  • Running on Free Runs
    Free Runs
    Recently having gotten addicted to running I wanted to run a full marathon or a real race. I have ran the race paths either before or after the marathons, but never ran an actual marathon. It is difficult to fork over $100 or more for a race....
  • Chicagoland Fitness Events
    Chicagoland's stay fit fundraisers
    It should be easyto stay fit this summer (while doing something for the community)in Chicagoland.Here are some greatbiking and running events to look forward to over the next month.Whether your favorite cause is sickness, health, animals, or...
  • Runs throughout Chicago area
    Runs May 10th Chicagoland
    There are lots of great runs on the 10th of May this 2014,in the Chicagoland area. There are all types of levels and themes to choose from within a 100 mile spread. We are blessed with an abundance of great events throughout the year in cities and...
  • Boogie the award-winning marathon dog
    Boogie the chocolate lab escapes owner and runs marathon with winning time
    Boogie the dog would have a story to tell his grandchildren, if he wasn’t being neutered in the following days. The brown lab escaped his owner the night before the race but joined up with runners in a marathon taking place in the city the...
  • Red Sox, Rays give baseball yet another extra inning epic
    Red Sox, Rays give baseball yet another extra inning epic
    The Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays staged a unique game on June 10. Not only did the Red Sox and Rays get into a bench-clearing brawl in the sixth, Boston scored six runs in the first, blew the lead anyway, and then blew another lead in the 10...
  • Erik Kratz
    Phillies explode late to salvage split with Cardinals
    The Philadelphia Phillies started their series with the St. Louis Cardinals in embarrassing fashion. Although the Phillies had a man on third with no one out in the ninth inning on April 18, they wasted three straight chances to drive in the tying...
  • Catalina State Park Trail Map
    Running in Catalina State Park
    Catalina State Park in Tucson, Arizona offers some of the most beautiful views in the Southwest. Deceptive, at first, upon entrance, the park lies 2 miles in from the Oro Valley Marketplace. Because parking inside the park cost 8 dollars a car, I...
    Djog: Seattle athletes give your dog a run for the money
    Do you need to leave your dog alone during the day without exercise or attention? Djog, arelatively new company, offers your furry friend exercise with a run in the park or just a short home visit. Djog, pronounced "jog," is dedicated to...
  • Children with Down Syndrome are valued by their faimilies and communities
    Buddy Walk to support Down Syndrome at Cantigny Park, Wheaton, IL
    Every year, across the country, 250,000 people get involved in the Buddy Walk, a short family walk whose proceeds benefit programs that educate, research and support people with Down Syndrome and their family members. People with Down Syndrome...
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