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  • The Chainsaws Rule
    The Chainsaws Rule
    Addy, WA ̶ Erven Erickson and the rest of the team at Tevek, LLC in Addy, WA are proud to announce their newest product, the Chainsaws Rule. Inventor Erven Erickson started selling this revolutionary firewood cutting tool back in August of 2013,...
  • Juan Pablo
    ‘Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison confused about Juan’s non-kissing rule
    “Bachelor” host Christ Harrison follows Juan Pablo on his journey to find his wife, but it sounds like Chris is just as confused as to why Juan stopped kissing the women on the group dates as viewers were. Some contestants are eager to...
  • Dealing with difficult customers
    Dealing with difficult customers when they all have access to a global soapbox
    Every successful sales person throughout the course of their career deals with difficult personalities. Particularly, customers who purchase on a recurring basis, conflicts are simply inevitable, part of the process, and at times difficult to...
  • Teen who caused fatal crash asked paramedics, "Am I still pretty?"
    Teen who caused fatal crash asks Paramedics, "Am I still pretty?"
    More information is coming out about a fatal crash involving an allegedly intoxicated teenager that occurred in Harrison Township on August 11, 2012. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Rachel Schidecker of Laura, Ohio was traveling...
  • The GOP changes rules as they play along
    The GOP was hoping rule change would go unnoticed to keep shutdown going
    When it comes to a vote to reopen funding in the government, the majority of House votes would create a resolution to fund the government. The GOP does not have the majority of votes to keep up with the partial shutdown the government is under as...
  • Rachel Schidecker arrested on homicide charges
    Rachel Schidecker arrested on homicide charges
    Rachel Rene Schidecker, the Laura, Ohio teenager who allegedly caused a crash on August 11, 2012 in Harrison Township that killed a Missouri woman was arrested in Columbus, Ohio on March 27, 2013.Schidecker's blood alcohol level was 0.236%...
  • layering101
    Layering 101
    When the temperature drops, it’s all about layering. Layering to fight against the morning and nighttime chill. Layering is not only fashionably warm, but a way to get the most wears out of all your clothing more often. Layering makes the...
  • Girl who caused fatal August crash still not arrested
    Girl who caused fatal August crash still not arrested
    It has been over three months since 18-year old Rachel Schidecker of Laura, Ohio allegedly drove the wrong way on I-75 drunk, causing a crash that killed 39-year old Chereece Rule of Kansas City.It was early in the morning on August 12, 2012 when...
  • resized_4th.jpg
    4th of July (Photo: Business Wire) Self-rule This weekend the establishment of a government ruled by the people will be celebrated. American democracy has been successful because it recognizes the dignity of the individual to rule his own affairs....
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