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  • Rally rundown: Motor City Shakedown 10
    Rally rundown: Motor City Shakedown 10
    Detroit’s Rovers vintage scooter club reached a milestone on August 1, 2014. The achievement? They were celebrating 10 consecutive years of hosting a standout rally in the Midwestern scooting scene. Ten years of putting on a three-day...
  • Moon
    Global travel to the moon and space are only just beginning
    It was July 16, 1969 and it took three courageous United States astronauts and a department called NASA to achieve moon landing a spacecraft. After multiple attempts a successful launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida achieved the goal which...
  • Rally Review: Motorcity Shakedown 8
    Rally Review: Motorcity Shakedown 8
    In the flurry of activity of these last few weeks, the Rovers were quietly confident that the eighth edition of their signature rally would come off as a big success. It did, but only because the core team of volunteers really stepped their game...
  • Memorial image from Mars
    Remembering 9/11: The American flag and the World Trade Center on Mars
    As an institution that takes us into the future on a daily basis, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena honored the past when NASA’s rovers Spirit and Opportunity were sent to Mars in 2004. Wreckage from the World Trade Center was used...
  • Rovers and Metro Triumph Riders meet at Athens Coney Island to ride to the Ton Up Festival
    Scooting the Ton-Up Festival in Ypsilanti, Michigan
    I recently attended the first "Ton-Up Motorcycle and Music Festival” in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The Ton-Up is a new festival that features vintage motorcycles with a cafe´ racer slant. As a new event, there were a few rough edges,...
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