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'Total War: Rome II' delivers spectacular scale of ancient time

September 4, 2013
Game: Total War: Rome IIDeveloper: Creative AssemblyPublisher: SegaPlatforms: PCRelease Date: September 3rdThe Roman empire was a colossal civilization surrounding Europe, Africa, Asia and Mediterranean territories. It’s lasting impression will always house a place in the history of the...

Rome offers some surprises

August 31, 2013
Rome has surprises, and many of them are in ancient churches.Santa Maria del Popolo is on the north side of the Piazza del Popolo, one of Rome's most famous squares. This poor dearly departed seems eager...

Preview: 'Total War: Rome II' is a massive game

August 19, 2013
The Rome sequel, 9 years removed from its predecessor, takes full advantage of today’s technology - which truly lends itself to the Total War DNA.Total War: Rome II is a behemoth of a title, it’s no...

In Rome, try to squeeze in a visit to Tiber Island

August 8, 2013
There's so many must-see places in Rome that it's really tough deciding which ones to see first. The Vatican? The Colosseum? The Forum? The Pantheon? The Circus Maximus? The Trevi Fountain? Capitoline Hill? The Spanish...

Italian Rum Festival returns to Rome October 19-20

August 8, 2013
An impressive selection of rums from the world's most popular brands, as well as collectible private label expressions will be on display in Rome October 19 and 20 as the Italian Rum Festival returns for the second year...