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Rome Articles - Page 3

Ethiopian co-pilot in custody after hijacking

February 17, 2014
The co-pilot of an Ethiopian jetliner flying to Italy hijacked his own plane full of passengers and later diverted it to Geneva to seek asylum, Ethiopia’s head of communications said Monday during a press conference.Ethiopian Airlines...

Getting to the fork in the road

February 9, 2014
There comes a time in the history of each great civilization where the citizens are put to the test of collapse or survival of society. This most often is a gradual occurrence that is barely noticeable by the citizenry, but...

'The Great Beauty' Movie Review

February 9, 2014
Many are hailing Italian director Paolo Sorrentino as the new Federico Fellini. While the comparison is warranted, once the theater lights darken, there is more to this talented filmmaker than meets the eye. Nominated for an Academy Award...

Saving Rome's Wild Cats in Torre Argentina

January 17, 2014
If you visit Italy's capital, you are likely to realize quickly that Rome is a city that belongs to its wild feline population as equally as it does to its human inhabitants. After all, cats, with their innate...