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  • Roadblock
    Overcoming Roadblocks in Self-Care
    There are several common roadblocks to self care:-For some people time is their biggest road block.-For others self-esteem or value is hindering.-Guilt is a very common roadblock. For using time on self.-Lack of...
  • NSA: Roadblocks erected to collect blood, breath and saliva samples from drivers
    NSA: Roadblocks erected to collect blood, breath and saliva samples from drivers
    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has developed a national survey within the United States in the form of roadblocks. These roadblocks are being conducted in many cities, towns and states across the nation. In updated breaking...
  • Mike Shaner
    Alabama policeman compares people who announce roadblocks to crackheads
    According to an article published December 13, 2012, on an Alabama deputy compared individuals who use public sites like facebook and twitter to warn others about roadblocks to "crackheads and robbers."Crenshaw county deputy...
  • Teamwork
    Workplace relationships - roadblocks
    Experiencing roadblocks in the workplace can leave an employee stuck in construction for a long time. Missed deadlines due to lack of communication, unclear instructions and lack of cohesion amongst the team members can lead to a roadblock that...
  • roadblock
    Divine Roadblocks
    They are unavoidable; travel delays. Some delays are caused by traffic, construction on the road, or even an accident. What about divine roadblocks? These roadblocks inhibit one from reaching of destinations and blessings.And God came unto Balaam...
  • Success
    Finding Your Way
    Life is a road map which means you must plan the trip before you take off. Look at your life now and ask yourself, “Where do I see myself five years from now?” Just like businesses develop strategic plans based on the organizations...
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