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  • bodybuilding
    Why reps matter if you want to get ripped
    If you do sloppy reps or if you do too few or too many reps when lifting weights, then you'll never be ripped. Sloppy reps won't allow the maximum isolation to take place needed to concentrate the muscle fiber breakdown of the target...
  • how to get ripped
    How to get a ripped and lean body in 2015
    Now that 2015 has arrived, it's time to get serious about your body, your health, and your workouts. It's time to get ripped.When I'm going to get ripped, there's a few special things I do. Throughout my career as a professional...
  • stay ripped this Thanksgiving
    How to get ripped on Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving can be a day of the year many people store fat, gain weight, and regress on their fitness and physique goals. Instead, you want to make it a day you give thanks, but do it while continuing to move forward to your health and fitness...
  • 6 sports that can rip your body up
    6 sports that can rip your body up
    If you're getting tired of the boredom and monotony of the gym, then it might be time to add a sport to help you achieve your fitness goals. Here are 6 popular sports that can help you to lose weight and get ripped. (View Slideshow)Adding a...
  • 8 best exercises to get you ripped quicker
    8 best exercises to get you ripped quicker
    Summer is officially here, and it's not too late to get your body in top beach condition. Try adding more of each of these exercises to get more out of your workouts and get in top shape before summer comes to an end. (View Slideshow)If you...
  • Man killed over noodles: Heart ripped and eaten out of his chest
    Man killed over noodles: Heart ripped out of his chest and eaten, throat cleaved
    A man killed over noodles is one weird news story that’s hit international headlines today. Bo Tuan of China is charged with brutally attacking his victim in a local food shop, which included cleaving his throat, ripping his heart out of his...
  • a quick look at just one aspect of the program in my book.
    Is p90x really a stolen program?
    Fitness books, magazines, and programs have been going around for a long time. Everyone involved in exercise has at one point or another opened up a magazine and read a list of exercises to do for a specific muscle.Most programs are no secret....
  • How to Rip It in 2014
    How to Rip It in 2014
    Okay, so you're serious about getting in shape and reaching your goals? Here's what you have to do to rip your body and muscles this year to get that toned and lean look you always wanted.1. Take every set to failure- Don't just stop...
  • Greg Plitt
    Big movements produce big muscles
    You've seen them. In the gym, at the beach, on the cover of fitness magazines. You know: those guys with therippling muscles, the thousand megawatt smiles, and the ice-cube tray abs. The kind of guyyour wife dismisses as too perfect-looking,...
  • Bulking foods
    The "Bulking and Cutting Cycle"
    After researching a fitness technique known as "bulking and cutting", I spent much time trying to see if this method could be effectively applied to the lives of your average person, and without any extreme suppliments or diets. This...
  • Damsel in distress
    Let it rip: wear distressed denim shorts for summer
    As summer approaches, get ready for three months of living in swimsuits...And while you perfect that bronze glow poolside, you may be wondering what to wear as a cover-up in case you have to get-up-and-go at a moment's notice.Well, not to...
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