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  • United Launch Alliance rolls out the Vulcan rocket
    United Launch Alliance rolls out the Vulcan rocket
    The space race of the 1960s proved that competition drives innovation. The new space race of the 2010s, now between private sector companies rather than nation states, is proving much the same thing. On Monday, the same day that the launch and...
  • Booginhead Squeez'ems Reusable Food Pouch
    Review: Squeez'ems reusable food pouch
    When it comes to feeding little ones, convenience is key. Our busy lifestyles means we’re always on the go, and keeping snacks in the diaper bag is essential to ensuring our children don’t go hungry! However, the price of convenience...
  • Bambooee Products
    Take your spring cleaning to a new eco-friendly level
    Reusable, Bamboo, Rags, Eco-friendly cleaning, organicWarm weather is upon us, and spring cleaning has begun! If you strive to have an eco-friendly home, this new product is for you.Disposable cleaning products are among the most wasteful in the...
  • Pack'Ems
    Pack’Ems offers alternative to disposable snack bags
    Pack’ems is a new product that offers an alternative to the daily throw away name brand snack bags for brown bag lunches and on the go kid activities. Marketed through BooginHead, the snack bags join the growing list of baby and toddler...
  • EcoJarz Tea Infuser
    Avoid the dangers of chemicals from plastics by using EcoJarz products
    Like it or not, plastics are everywhere. In eating and drinking containers, straws, utensils and takeout containers. They have devastated our oceans, caused massive death of native wildlife and created mysterious health issues for the human...
  • Green living made easy
    Green Living: 7 simple solutions to start using today
    Making an effort to lesson one’s carbon footprint is essentially what green living is all about. It doesn’t require expensive equipment or a ton of time and can make a big difference in the continued quality of our environment. Our...
  • Reusable gift
    10 reusable gift ideas for the holidays
    The holidays are a great time to give gifts while encouraging others to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. You can do this by what you choose to give family, friends and coworkers. Here are some great gift giving ideas that will help people ditch...
  • Green Holiday Gifts
    Green holiday gifts and tips
    Having trouble finding that terrific green holiday gift? Need some holiday tips to help save money and the environment? Look no further than here.Colorado and USA Green GiftsWhen you support local businesses, you are giving back to your community...
  • Take & Toss Sippy Cup
    Take & Toss Sippy Cup
    An environmentally conscious cup for ages ranging from infant to kindergarten, the Take & Toss is the perfect balance between too much plastic and too many accidents. Not only is the entire cup itself recyclable but it is also reusable as well...
  • Boo-Boo Socks
    Boo-Boo Socks
    Have a lot of mismatched socks? Have kids that seem to need some ice on a boo-boo? Have some rice, thread and a needle? Then you are all set to make a boo-boo sock. Gather some mismatched socks and fill them up ¾ of the way to the top with...
  • Plastic Throw Away Bags
    But I Still Use Throw Away Plastic Bags
    Since I had all these reusable totes from Publix and from some other places here in Miami, the next step was to finally get rid of all the plastic throw away bags I had accumulated under my kitchen sink. Not long after, it became apparent that I...
  • San Jose's ban on plastic bags
    San Jose's ban on plastic bags
    I am actually happy that San Jose has created a ban on free plastic bags that will go into effect next year. The San Jose City Council voted 10-1 on Tuesday December 14th to ban single-use plastic bags. The San Josebag ordinancewill requirestores...
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