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  • Slow death through addiction
    No more bondage; you are loosed
    It’s time! You’ve been bound too long. You don’t get the same feeling that you used to get. The pain you were trying to cover-up is still there! People are literally dying, in order to be comforted or gain peace. Both adults and...
  • Miss Ruby Cube's Crafty Corner on Etsy
    Miss Ruby Cube's Crafty Corner on Etsy
    Who is Miss Ruby Cube? Well, it's a shop on Etsy that is owned by Misty Green of Cobleskill. She enjoys to knit, sew, decoupage, and paint, but her favorite tool is a glue gun with E600 glue to get the job done. Some of the items that she...
  • Jeremiah 30:17
    Restoration is a gift from God
    Restoration is the act of being restored. To be restored isfor someone or something tobe brought back to its original condition.Restoration is a gift from God.God's capacity for restoring life might be a mystery to us and is beyond our...
  • The 'Privateer' In Flight
    Precious cargo
    The only airworthy aircraft of its kind, the PB4Y-2 ‘Privateer’ will take to the skies over Casa Grande, Ariz. next month.(Casa Grande, Ariz., Sept. 13, 2011) — At 75 feet long, 30 feet high and 110 feet wide from wingtip-to...
  • Sony PSN Video Announcement from Kazuo Hirai - PSN Back online
    Sony PSN Video Announcement from Kazuo Hirai - PSN Back online
    Sony's Kazuo Hirai's video announcement regarding the restoration of PlayStation service. Sony Corporation Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai released a video message addressing the steps that Sony took in the past few weeks to get the...
  • Sony may be nearing PSN restoration
    Sony may be nearing PSN restoration
    Sony's efforts to restore PSN may be coming to a close in the coming days. It appears as if Sony is putting the final touches on the relaunch of PSN. A Sony representative posted on the PlayStationNL Twitter page that a select group are in the...
  • Brad Parker
    I can smoke the tires
    People have all sorts of relationships. Some are easy to understand and others are more complicated. The relationship between a man/boy and his car is nothing short of a great love affair. That special car can turn that boy into a man and that man...
  • ModernTimes
    Charlie Chaplin Coming to Theatre N
    Starting this weekend at Theatre N is a special presentation by Janus Films of several restored versions of Charlie Chaplin classics. It is wonderful that these films are being preserved for the ages this is a rare treat for many who are unlikely...
  • Visit Mexico, New York’s newly restored train station
    Visit Mexico, New York’s newly restored train station
    On Monday, December 20 Mexico, New York’s train station will open as the new home of the Oswego County Federal Credit Union. For months workers have been busy completely refurbishing the historic train station. The end result is stunning...
  • The evil robot Maria, from Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS
    Long-lost sci-fi classic to air on TCM!
    Few events have excited me more as a movie lover than the recent discovery of a complete cut of Fritz Lang's sci-fi masterpiece, Metropolis. Upon its theatrical release in 1927, Lang's silent movie was hacked up by its distributor, who cut...
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