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  • Bethenny Frankel
    Bethenny Frankel goes to bed early like Bryn to avoid Jason and his parents?
    Bethenny Frankel may not be as vocal these days about what is going on in her private life, as she is battling through a nasty divorce from her “picture-perfect” husband, Jason Hoppy. When the two got married on her television show, ...
  • skating with child
    A mother's experiment on resting for 31 days
    While individuals vary in their levels of ambition, I am pretty certain that most mothers - especially on activity-conscious Long Island - are unaware of the overambitious manner in which they approach their normal day. Wake up, get the kids off...
  • How do you achieve the perfect Mass?
    NY's Claudia Reid: What is the main key to achieving muscle mass?
    Today I had a great conversation with abodybuilder that was interesting and I learned a great deal from that conversation as to building muscle without injecting yourself with steroids. People have the idea that every man or woman that has muscles...
  • Joseph Stingley Yoga
    The power of yoga
    Many times, our mood can alter the status of our relationships. If you are tired, stressed, and overworked, it is likely that you won’t be pleasant company; if on the other hand you feel rested, rejuvenated, and relaxed you will probably be...
  • Aretha Franklin
    Aretha Franklin has pancreatic cancer
    Legendary icon Aretha Franklin, 68, is battling cancer. Just a week after Aretha Franklin's prayer vigil andsurgery, media outlets are reporting that the singer has pancreatic cancer.The National Enquirer (via PopCrunch) claims in its report...
  • Rest
    Find rest my soul
    Wake County has a large number of year round schools, so the traditional summer off with every kid in town out of school doesn’t really exist around here. Some parents love it, while others loathe it. I love it, but that is neither here nor...
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