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  • responsible
    Top 5 ‘Trick’ questions to look for when it comes to an interview
    An interview can be something scary but that is only if you make it so. For example if you properly prepare for an interview than you should have nothing to worry about, you should have all of the materials that you need with you on your interview...
  • Contemplating Friendships
    Aren't we responsible for the people in our care?
    Have you ever felt responsible for the people in your life? Like you have to give the best of everything that is you, like you’re responsible to tell them the truth at all times. I wonder what would happen if we were honest with everyone we...
  • 'Seeking Him' lesson was 'Accountability: Being Personally Responsible'
    'Seeking Him' lesson was 'Accountability: Being Personally Responsible'
    "Seeking Him" Bible Study was held at New Canaan Worship Center in Richmond, Virginia on Thursday morning, Nov. 14 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.The topic discussed was "Accountability: Being Personally Responsible."The lesson was...
  • Farrah Abraham
    'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham thinks Gary Shirley is a bad father
    “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham may not have served any time, but she was very close earlier this year as she was spotted driving under the influence back in March. She claimed she wasn't driving while under the influence, but the...
  • cyber-safety
    Are Your Children Safe Enough?
    Lindsey was 15 years old and a cheerleader in school. She was smart and consistently got good grades. Although socially active, Lindsey had an active online life as well. Most evenings while doing homework, Lindsey would log on to her favorite...
  • Electronic Signature DMCA
    Your signature is important.
    The Supreme Court has ruled about signing a document or contract. You sign it; you own the responsibility that goes with it. The case is one of many this year that I have been watching. There are a couple more that are in the process that may be...
  • Happiness
    How To Be Happy
    In order to be happy, you have to feel loved, be loving, and be responsible. Sounds simple doesn't it? Feeling loved is a result of allowing others to know who you are as a person. If you are not being honest about who you are and allow others...
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