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  • Jogger saves 2 kids in stroller that rolled into reservoir as mothers were chatting.
    Reservoir rescue: 2 kids in stroller fall into reservoir, hero treads deep water
    The stars, moon and planets must have aligned just right when a jogger, who is also a former lifeguard, happens along at the exact time two babies in a stroller rolled over an embankment and fell 10-feet into a Massachusetts reservoir. Rebecca,...
  • Fall quality big walleye in North Georgia reservoirs
    Fall quality big walleye in North Georgia reservoirs
    The leaves are changing clothes into their fall colors and it’s a beautiful day in the fishing neighborhood. Walleye are springing out from their summer refuge and are feeding to build up their fat stores for the winter and they are active...
  • November Fall bass tactics
    November Fall bass tactics
    The spinnerbait lure is all about reaction, the flashy blades look like the silver sides of a swimming minnow, bass react fast and the skirt gives something to the bass to hook in on. Walking in it, ripping it always trying to make it flare,...
  • Mount Tabor Park Sign
    Portland City attractions- Mt. Tabor
    Portland has several interesting attractions that draw tourists each year. It is undoubtedly true that the beer festivals and tax free shopping year round, but Portland is the only city that also has two once active volcanoes. The entire Mt. Tabor...
  • Center Hill Lake at Edgar Evins State Park
    Western Wallflower Week May 21 - 27 at Edgar Evins State Park
    Just 60 miles east of Nashville, Edgar Evins State Park is easily accessible from I-40 at exit 268. Next week the park is hosting their Western Wallflower Week where daily boat tours offer visitors a chance to see this infrequent Tennessee...
  • Boating at Cherry Creek State Park
    Cherry Creek State park opens to boating.
    March 7, 2011, Cherry Creek Reservoir at Cherry Creek State Park situated between Denver and Aurora Colorado, opened for boating. Boaters are cautioned that due to early season conditions, they should keep a lookout for possible floating debris...
  • Cobb's Hill Park
    Explore Cobb's Hill Park!
    My recent move to the Park Ave area of Rochester has made for some excellentopportunitiesto explore. While I love living amongst the tree lined streets, wide range of dining options, quirky shops, and beautiful homes, the country girl inside of me...
  • Drinkers beware
    Drinkers beware
    There are numerous articles, stories and studies written every day on the importance of taking the medication prescribed to you. Instructions are followed by the pharmacists from the doctor’s prescription to ensure the patient receives the...
  • Painted Rocks Reservoir
    About Painted Rocks Reservoir in western Montana
    In 1939, the Montana Water Conservation Board began building the dam at Painted Rocks Reservoir. It is over 140 feet high and 800 feet long. The reservoir is filled with water from the West Fork of the Bitterroot watershed which covers over 300...
  • Water Drop
    Foothill Municipal Water District posts agenda for Sept. 20 meeting
    The Foothill Municipal Water District, a coalition of seven San Gabriel Foothill area water companies, posted the agenda for the next board of directors meeting today. It can be accessed on Google Docs.The meeting will be held at the Foothill...
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