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  • Sullivan hits Begich on Obama ties
    Sullivan hits Begich on Obama ties
    Saying that Dan Sullivan's latest ad criticizing Mark Begich will hurt Begich is understatement. Here's the transcript from Sullivan's ad:During this campaign, Mark Begich has attacked me for my work to protect women from domestic...
  • panties
    Department of Homeland Security's 'Royal' panty raid
    Despite the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) mission statement clearly stating their purpose in life is to ensure our nation is safe, secure, and resilient against terrorism and other hazards that may rear their ugly head, eyebrows are...
  • Colorado Congressional District map, CD2 pink
    Leing debates Polis at CSU Congressional debate
    “Honestly, it wouldn’t take a lot.”That was George Leing’s response to the question, “What would it take for you to switch parties?” in Wednesday’s CSU Second Congressional District debate. It was a moment...
  • A few minutes with Professor Alan Dershowitz - part one
    A few minutes with Professor Alan Dershowitz - Part One
    Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School was described by Newsweek as “The nation’s most peripatetic civil rights lawyer and one of its most distinguished defenders of individual rights. The Forward named him “Israel&rsquo...
  • Women in Equatorial Guinea
    Department of Justice could not mar great US/Equatorial Guinea relationship
    An African topic, not related to the current Ebola crisis, once again appeared in the largest global media outlets; this time, devoted to a friendly settlement agreed upon by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Second Vice President of...
  • Charlie Rangel
    Charlie Rangel to MSNBC: ISIS no threat to U.S.
    Despite recent attacks in Canada and the United States, Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., doesn't believe ISIS poses any threat to the United States. In a video posted Thursday at Grabien, Rangel also expressed disagreement with President Obama'...
  • Steve Simon's partisanship
    Steve Simon's partisanship
    Steve Simon, the DFL-endorsed candidate for Secretary of State, is feigning outrage at Rep. Severson's Express Lane voting initiative. Here's Simon's thoughts in his own words:I know of no other place in the country that has introduced...
  • Citizen protests that lead to creation of the TEA Party movement
    The TEA Party is mainstream, moderates are the extremists
    It has become quite common for the far left, the liberal media and establishment Republicans to brand the TEA Party movement and associated groups as political extremists allegedly far outside of the mainstream, whatever that is. Instead of...
  • Obama voter ID
    Obama admits voter ID laws do not suppress voters
    President Obama admitted to the nation on Tuesday that controversial voter ID laws do not suppress the minority vote. The president, speaking in a radio interview, said that the primary reason that minority voters stay away from the polls was...
  • Ex-Reagan advisor: ‘Central banks are sick puppy’s’
    Ex-Reagan advisor: ‘Central banks are sick puppy’s’
    Former Republican U.S. Representative and Director of the Office of Management and Budget under former President Ronald Reagan, David Stockman, said on Thursday that Wall Street is one sick puppy thanks to even sicker central banks around the...
  • Herman Cain black Republican
    Solving the GOP's minority and millennial problem
    Barack Obama’s two presidential election victories were built on the backs of three groups in which he received landslide victories. Obama won with margins on the order of two-to-one with black, Hispanic and young voters both times he ran....
  • Canadian Heroes
    Canadian Armed Forces: Their steel still cuts deep
    While many Canadian and non-Canadians alike view the country's people as a gentle, pastoral folk who would rather listen to a Rush album instead of Rush Limbaugh, the two recent Islamic Jihadist attacks aimed specifically three members of the...
  • theodorakis
    The Island of Crete, source of genius
    For the uninitiated, a few famous Cretans:Manos Hadjidakis, famous composer, born in Xanthi to a Cretan father from Rethymno. He scored the famous Elia Kazan movie "America America" and many others. Music:
  • Barack and Michelle Obama
    Obama divorce rumors continue
    We have heard it all before. There have been rumors about troubles between President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama over and over again. We’ve heard that Michelle is – or was - supposedly a man and the president has had a...
  • Karl Rove proves to be Captain Obvious
    Karl Rove proves to be Captain Obvious
    Why does anyone listen to this guy anymore, and have him as a guest on their prime time television shows? Karl Rove has nothing new or original to offer and he clearly does very little if any thinking outside the box. Not that it will surprise...