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  • Town Criers Conduct their 140th Rally
    Town Criers Conduct their 140th Rally
    January 31, 2015Town Criers Conduct their 140th Rally“What a glorious day,” exclaimed a Town Crier as the group observed its 140th engagement with the public in historic district of St. Augustine, Florida. The Town Criers are a...
  • Sarah Palin
    Who’s your Favorite for 2016?
    Who’s your Favorite?The Town Criers, a Committee of the Saint Augustine Tea Party, has been appearing on the streets of historic St. Augustine, Florida for over three and a half years. [See
  • No Surprise: Ed Schultz Not Quite Right on Keystone XL
    No Surprise: Ed Schultz Not Quite Right on Keystone XL
    Would it be fairly charitable to say that Ed Schultz is not the sharpest knife in MSNBC's drawer? In all honesty, I'd have to say that it is. This man is a walking gaffe machine, constantly on the verge of embarrassing everyone from MSNBC...
  • Liberal professor admits that Obama is guilty of violating his Oath of Office
    Liberal professor admits that Obama is guilty of violating his Oath of Office
    Since President Obama was sworn as president in 2009, the number of constitutional violations has risen and continues to do so from bypassing Congress and issuing illegal executive orders to changing certain aspects of the laws that Congress...
  • stick
    British cops release stick figure BOLO
    Possibly proving that common sense doesn't always keep up technological advancement, English police are releasing a stick figure drawing by a 3-year-old in the hopes of catching an unknown number of cat burglars. As reported by Great Britain&...
  • Gina McCarthy
    EPA Administrator McCarthy meets Pope Francis on climate change
    Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator and now papal advisor, met with Pope Francis on Friday. Taking global warming hype to ecclesiastical heights, McCarthy reported her aim was to entice the pope to regard climate change not as just another...
  • Ayman Mohyeldin
    MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin: Chris Kyle a 'racist' who went on 'killing sprees'
    While appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Ayman Mohyeldin suggested that Chris Kyle, the late Navy SEAL whose service is featured in the blockbuster "American Sniper," was a racist who engaged in "killing sprees"...
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
    Ted Cruz demands answers on Obama political hit on Netanyahu
    Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas wondered on Saturday in the pages of Breitbart whether or not President Obama was directly involved in the intervention by Obama campaign operatives in the Israeli elections for the purpose of deposing Prime Minister...
  • cpusa
    Communist Party USA honcho; Democrats will 'advance' their 'agenda'
    Communist leaders have long been known to be enamored by the sound of their own voices. The likes of Leonid Brezhnev, the Castro Brothers, Josef Stalin,Hugo Chávez, Erich Honecker and a veritable constellation of other red stars have made a name...
  • Mitt Romney announces he will not be running for president in 2016
    Romney announcement points to GOP support for Scott Walker?
    The 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney announced today that he will not be running for president in 2016. Conventional wisdom says this might favor Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, but Romney's comments might point in a different direction. There will...
  • San Francisco
    The Richest Cities in the United States in 2015
    A list of the richest cities in the United State of America has been published. The list ranks a city’s wealth via the percentage of its residents who garner more than $150,000 in their annual income. Additionally, the list is limited to...
  • Communist PArty USA
    CPUSA head pledges cooperation with Democrats to advance Communist agenda
    In a manifesto published in the socialist "People’s World," John Bachtell, national committee chairman of the Communist Party USA, said that American Communists have some frustrations with Democrats, especially those with Wall...
  • Former CIA officer responds to Obama administrations Benghazi cover-up
    Former CIA officer responds to Obama administrations Benghazi cover-up
    Contrary to public comments by the Obama administration relating to the September 11, 2012 Islamic terrorist attack at the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, top U.S. diplomatic officials knew the attack was underway. The breaking news was the...
  • Repugnant: Mondoweiss Whitewashes Calgary Attack
    Repugnant: Mondoweiss Whitewashes Calgary Attack
    Ealier today, this reached my attention.Courtesy of Mondoweiss -- as dedicated an anti-Israel website as exists anywhere on the internet -- comes the story of an individual who filmed himself invading a University of Toronto Scarborough Students...
  • Obama speaks
    The unique phenomenon of Obama followers
    Stevie Wonder, the singer, took the opportunity to give a eulogy at a funeral but decided to give a political speech instead:We live in a time where I believe we have a president that truly wanted to see the world come together, to see this nation...