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  • Republicans will regret bashing refugee children
    Republicans will regret bashing refugee children
    Bigots can be found in all political parties and all religions as well as among those with no religion. Yet, in recent years, a disproportionate number of politicians who brazenly spew their racial, ethnic and religious bigotry at every open...
  • Buono’s new ad lacks substance
    Buono’s new ad lacks substance
    On July 12, 2013, New Jersey State Senator and Gubernatorial Candidate for Governor Barbara Buono’s campaign made one last final plea for contributions to her campaign so that she can run a commercial against Incumbent Governor Chris...
  • Scot Turner Republican Candidate for House 21
    Scot Turner Republican Candidate proposes repeal of T-SPLOST Penalty
    Republican Candidate for State House District 21, Scot Turner, put out a statement for immediate release.The Republican Candidate is calling for the elimination of the penalty clause built into the Transportation Improvement Act (TIA) should the...
  • Marco Rubio
    Should Senate Marco Rubio be Mitt Romney’s VP pick?
    Senate Marco Rubio could be exactly what Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign needs.He is a young conservative from the state of Florida, who can energize the base of the Republican Party. The American people have heard this before, turn back...
  • Take it to the limit one more time
    Take it to the limit one more time
    Remember how Jerry Brown was going shake up Sacramento? He was the old pro who'd been around the block once before. The man who would calm the political waters and then walk on them. It's now four months since Brown began his second stint...
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