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  • New wine in old wineskin
    Eight is the number of 'new beginnings': How to have new beginnings in August
    The number eight symbolizes resurrection and a new beginning. Noah's ark passed through the waters symbolizing death, but it was resurrected and rested on Mt. Ararat and eight people emerged to a new beginning. God commanded Abraham to...
  • Apple replacing new iPhone 5s for some customers over battery drain
    Apple replacing new iPhone 5s for some customers over battery drain
    Apple is replacing the new iPhone 5s for some customers because of a “manufacturing defect” that's causing the battery to drain quickly, according to a Oct 30 report in “USAToday”.Apple says only that a limited number...
  • Makeup Fall 2013 ;How long do products last
    Makeup Fall 2013 ;How long do products last
    Time has come to wave goodbye to summer. The new color season is underway and here is a must have list for fall/winter 2013-2014. The question is always, what to keep and what to replace. How long do products last? There is no definite answer....
  • Replace your old camera with an identical model
    How to replace broken or lost cameras you love
    Ifyou'velearned how to use your camera, and then it breaks or gets lost, or worse, gets stolen, it only adds to the frustration to have to replace it with a new camera, and learn how to use it. It’s the “old dogs, new tricks”...
  • Jersey Shore cast
    Jersey Shore star says, "I will burn down the house if they replace us."
    Jwoww, made popular for her appearances in the MTV reality television show, "The Jersey Shore" has jokingly made a bold claim in response to the news that the current stars of the hit reality series would be replaced.In an interview with...
  • Beyonce and Mathew Knowles
    Beyonce's father steps down as her manager
    Beyonce's father, Mathew Knowles, has been withhis daughterthrough all of the ups and downs that accompany the Hollywood lifestyle. Beyonce's first and only manager, Mathew has stood by his daughter's side from theearly days in the 90&...
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