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  • Will Matternet become a modern day life safer like legendary Balto?
    Matternet drones in experiment to deliver vital supplies
    Matternet leaps to your attention and imagination. This high-flying concept of vital supply delivery was first reported by Mark Prigg in the Daily Mail Online today, Friday, May 31, 2013. Apparently brilliant work has already been done with their...
  • Telephone Data Collector
    Work from home as a telephone data collector
    Westat has immediate openings for telephone data collectors for a social science research project.Westat, demonstrating technical and managerial excellence since 1963, is recognized as one of the foremost research and statistical survey...
  • Scientist controls cockroaches via remote control
    Scientists develop a way to control cockroaches remotely
    Scientists at theNorth Carolina State University hassuccessfully discovered a way tocontrol cockroaches remotely.lper Bozkurt, assistant professor of electrical engineering at NCS, said the benefits of using these cockroaches would beextraordinary...
  • TV Remote Control
    The Revolutionary Remote Control
    Yesterday's innovations are today's must-haves. Revolutionary ideas, morphed into physical creation, are items we cannot imagine going a day without: a smartphone, your tablet computer, or even things a bit more basic, such as a garage...
  • TV remote inventor died
    Chicagoan who invented wireless TV remote dies in Downers Grove
    These are some inventions in life when we truly realize the genius of it. Take the remote control for the TV.Without waxing on, it was a brilliant thing and now comes word that its inventor has passed away. Here is the news: Best known as the...
  •  A Place to Hide
    A Place to Hide
    Every now and then, running away to hide from the monotonous drag of the everyday is exactly what you need to recuperate from your physical exhaustion, rejuvenate your waning spirit, and rejoice in the beauty and pleasure that makes life worth...
  • iOS Devices
    LogMein for iOS users gets an upgrade
    LogMeInis an app on the iOS platform that allows iPhone or iPad users to remotely access and control their Mac or PC. When the product was first developed, it was released under the name LogMeIn Ignition and cost $30.The new version is being...
  • Your gadgets will become interoperable with code fragment 'gadgets'
    About code fragment gadgets
    It may have been serendipity (or sheer boredom) that prompted us to view "CBS 60 Minutes on CNBC" last night. One of the segments was about the seeming lack of interoperability between your remote controls for your various home gadgets....
  • iTwins USB Drive
    iTwin: More than a USB drive
    When it comes to transferring of data, there are lots of ways to do it. The interesting thing aboutiTwinsis that they have found an even smarter way than most.iTwins has developed a unique USB thumb drive like device that makes Remote File Access...
  • Lenovo compact keyboard & mouse remote
    Lenovo compact keyboard & mouse remote
    The Lenovo remote mouse & keyboard combo is excellent for when you are on the go. Being the most compact and functional tool on the market makes it excellent for travel and for when space is restricted. The well-designed keyboard with its...
  • resized_4697632423_13baa77201_b.jpg
    4G WiMAX Symposium Summary
    An imposing expanse of stonework, a wall with signage of the Huang Engineering Center -- the site of the first 4G WiMAX Symposium, held at Stanford.. John Loo c/o Related articles iPhone 4 availability...
  • An iPhone-equipped car - symbolic of an all-purpose iPhone-powered remote-control vehicle.
    iPhone control of real vehicles
    The morning keynote on Wednesday at the Web 2.0 Expo opened with a strange request, asking those of us with wi-fi capabilities on our phones, to turn them off. Moments later, Christian Coly of Parrot, Inc. demonstrated the AR.Drone, an iPhone...
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