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  • Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California
    Suitcase of human remains found near Twitter Headquarters
    San Francisco police were informed of a suspicious package sitting along the street at 11th and Mission south of the Market neighborhood and appeared on the scene to examine it. Upon arrival, they found a suitcase and opened it to view the...
  • It remains a mystery
    It remains a mystery
    As we wind up another June and get set to walk into a new July, there are many items on our list that remain a mystery to many Canadians.For instance, what will be the long term implications of that recent Supreme Court of Canada decision to "...
  • Tucson toddler remains found
    Tucson toddler remains found: Parents charged, toddler's remains in toy chest
    A Tucson toddler’s remains found by an Arizona landlord cleaning out an evicted family's home have led to arrests and charges against the 3-year-old boy’s parents. The mother and father allegedly stashed their son’s remains...
  • FBI agent recycles crime scene tape for use during the next 'dig' for Hoffa
    Where's Jimmy? Hoffa still dead, but where?
    Jimmy Hoffa still dead?Federal agents gathered in a field near Detroit armed with crime scene tape and digging equipment for their annual “Let’s find Jimmy Day’ outing.http://fbi.govAfter receiving a ‘tip’ from &lsquo...
  • Jimmy Hoffa remains the subject of Michigan dig: Teamster boss vanished in 1975
    Jimmy Hoffa remains the subject of Michigan dig: Teamster boss vanished in 1975
    Jimmy Hoffa’s remains are being sought as a team of authorities are digging up a Michigan field in hopes of discovering the whereabouts of the labor leader. Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance in July of 1975 has baffled investigators for...
  • Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
    Boston Marathon: State senator calls for federal help to bury suspect's body
    A Massachusetts state senator wants the federal authorities to help find Boston bombing suspect, 26-year-old, Tamerlan Tsarnaev a burial site according to a May 5 report from Fox News.The body of Tsarnaev was released from the medical examiners...
  • Tamerlan Tsarnaev
    Boston Marathon: Suspect's body remains unclaimed
    It's been nearly two weeks since the double explosions that killed three people and injured more than 170 other happened near the finish line at the Boston Marathon. In that time, authorities have identified, killed and/or captured two men who...
  • Kelli Bordeaux
    Kelli Bordeaux update: Remains not missing soldier
    Earlier it was believed that the remains of Kelli Bordeaux were possibly found, as was written in this Gather News article. However, it's been released in just a matter of hours that the remains are not only a negative match to the missing...
  • Jessica Ridgeway
    Body identified: Jessica Ridgeway was murdered and dismembered
    The search for Jessica Ridgeway is over with the news that the body found earlier in the search has been positively identified as her. This is a tragic piece of news, but it was widely suspected that the remains were the missing 10-year-old from...
  • Human Skeleton
    Antiques dealer purchases two skeletons in Pennsylvania auction
    A Strasburg, Pa antiques merchant has purchased a pair of late 19th or early 20th century human skeletons for nearly $2000 at an auction in Schnecksville on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.The male skeleton was formally attired in a...
  • 'Kill List' poster.
    Horror DVD releases for August 2012
    Although August proves another month with scant few horror releases, the following choices may just be frightening enough to hinder a good night's sleep.Remains (2011). The cable network Chiller produced this film based on the IDW Publishing...
  • "Remains" by Steve Niles
    New zombie movie based on graphic novel 'Remains'
    Filming began this month for a new zombie movie based on the graphic novel Remains by Steve Niles and Kieron Dwyer. The movie is set to air in the fall on the Chiller TV network.Steve Niles is the author of the terrifying vampire graphic novel 30...
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