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  • Cats are important  to others
    Cats are important to others
    There are just too many cat haters out there; people that judge without understanding just how much these animals mean to their pet parents. How dare they? Without ever putting their imbecile selves in someone else’s place. Do they ever stop...
  • Who can you trust?
    Trust can be described as the foundation of all confidence
    The dictionary definition of trust is the reliance,integrity and confidence in the ability of someone, not faltering or wavering. Who do you know that fits that description? One thing we know about all relationships is there needs to be a...
  • Can you maintain friends and a new relationship at the same time?
    Can you maintain a new relationship and your friends at the same time?
    Are you the friend that begins a relationship with a love interest and devotes all of your time to that person? If so, do your friends start to complain because they haven’t seen you in months? What do you do? Do you put in a little face...
  • Upset by the Truth
    Can your Friends tell you the truth
    Why is it so hard to hear the truth from a close friend or family than it is to hear it from a total stranger? Do we not trust the insight of the person that we selected to be our friend? If your friend shares the truth with you or offers to you...
  • Two Friends hanging out
    Do you have Friend potential
    Friends are those rare gems that we find that walk with us through our journey called “Life”. In order to have them and to keep them; friends that is, we must first know how to be one. Do you have the potential to be a good friend?...
  • Friends
    What makes a Friend
    It would seem the interpretation of the term friend has lost its value and used entirely too loosely. We have given the title of friend away to some who do not deserve it. Most would say “It’s just easier”. Remember Erykah Badu...
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