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  • What lies beneath
    Marriage; its underlying turbulence
    Junior high and high school have come and gone, the days of tolerating snooty back biting immature peers should also be gone. You should have grown past all the cattiness of the teen girls and the fake macho bravado of all the teen boys as you...
  • Tinder adds Instagram Integration to new update
    Tinder adds Instagram integration to new update
    Tinder just announced an important new feature for the latest update to its free version – integration with Instagram.A dating app that brought online dating to a new level with its easy photo-centric swipe left/ swipe right format, Tinder...
  • Internet dating, sex and emojis
    Internet dating, sex and emojis
    I just read an article from stating that 54% of those Internet daters who use emojis had sex in 2014 compared to only 31% of those who don’t use emojis. Use this link to see that I don't make this stuff up.
  • Joan Gray caregiving to make others feel in charge at their weakest time
    Joan Gray caregiving to make others feel in charge at their weakest time
    The assembled guests and mourners knew they were in the presence of celebrity when she stepped up to the podium and said, quite without any folderol, “My name is Joan Gray. I was Thad’s caregiver,” and that was the last thing she...
  • control freak boyfriend
    Control freak boyfriend tries to tell me what to eat, wear and where to go!
    Dear Deborrah:My question is about the guy I'm currently dating. I met him in January, but we've only been dating for 2 months. I have concerns about his behavior, because it's really bugging me.He tends to like to order for me. I can...
  • Facilitating a panel discussion
    Being an effective facilitator
    Have you been asked to use your speaking talents to facilitate a panel discussion, a meeting or a support group. This can be challenging if you haven't done it before, because being a facilitator uses a different set of speaking skills than...
  • Why Do Men Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction?
    Why Do Men Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction?
    IntroductionErectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction that men do suffer. The reason that they do suffer it is very clear. It can be caused by numerous causes, but the main problem that is said to cause it is, due to mental issues of some kind...
  • Celebrate Cinco de Mayo
    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Arlington TX
    Are you trying to decide where to go on Tuesday May 5, 2015 for Cinco de Mayo?Are you and your friends are looking to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by meeting some new fun and interesting people, have some fun, grabbing a few beers and eating some great...
  • HRH Prince Harry ousted by Princess Charlotte, and rejected by Jlaw in same week
    HRH Prince Harry ousted by Princess Charlotte, and rejected by Jlaw in same week
    The 53 countries of the Commonwealth are alive with the sound of the music of a Princess, and what this will mean for the throne. As we reported yesterday, the Royal Couple the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have welcomed their second child into...
  • Adele
    Five best love songs
    Love songs have been around for a long time. If you want to know which ones are at the top of the chart read below. Here are five best love songs:1) "Time of My Life." It is the theme to the movieDirty Dancing. It is played at the very...
  • Being single
    Being single is not forever
    Some people look at single people and they look down at them. They make fun of them or make comments.Some people who are single feel that there is something wrong with them. They wonder how come other people find love and they have not? They get...
  • Kelly Rutherford
    Kelly Rutherford's Petition to bring her Children Home to the United States
    Dear President Obama,I know that you are a busy man but by now I'm sure you've heard about Kelly Rutherford's plight to bring her children home to the United States of America? I'm also naively hoping that you are aware of the...
  • Nicolas Sparks
    The Longest Ride
    Do you love movies such asThe NotebookandDear John? They are all written by best selling author Nicolas Sparks. Now his latest bookThe Longest Ride recentnly was turned into a major motion picutre and is now in theaters.The movie is about two love...
  • Nailed It! book cover
    3 male dating behaviors that completely turn women off
    Tinder Society wing woman and dating expert Kristi Allain nails it with her #1 bestseller, "Nailed It!: How to Win Her Over on the First Date and Keep Her Coming Back for More". Kristi's first date tips for men are right on the money...
  • Invisible or transparent?
    Be transparent, not invisible
    Often times, people interchangeably use the words “transparent” and “invisible” as if they have equivalent meanings. This is quite untrue. Invisibility is the quality or characteristic of the incapability by nature of being...
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