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  • Giving a Gift
    Accept a Gift Graciously and Give Abundantly
    The holiday season means something different to everyone; however we all share in the joy of giving. Giving a gift, giving your time or just giving your love from afar brings a smile to the face of another human. Giving is the easy part in the...
  • Angels
    The Law of Giving
    With the holiday season upon us, it’s a good time to talk about the Law of Giving. The Law of Giving is not new to many of us. Most of us are familiar with idioms such as “The more you give, the more you get.” and “As you...
  • Chrismas is God's Gift
    Giving by receiving
    Christmas is the most beautiful, colorful, joyous, and giving of all the holiday seasons. And rightfully so as we remember that God gave the most beautiful, colorful, joyous, and perfect gift of all time to the world; Jesus Christ, His only Son !...
  • You reap what you sow. What are you sowing?
    Sowing and Reaping
    Have you ever heard it said that what goes around comes around? Tucson, Arizona, and all of the USA has been suffering the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Just when it seems recovery is on the horizon another...
  • Careful what you ask for! Special prayers for protection assure a safer sojourn into the unknown.
    Beyond the Obvious ~ Part Two
    The Bridge The bridge between the invisible worlds and us is very accessible to some. Protection is there for the asking. Special prayers for protection assure a safe sojourn into the unknown. The higher beings of God who wish to help us,do so...
  • Understanding God, Receiving in Prayer
    Understanding God and His ways
    Understanding God and His ways In trying to receive from God, we must consider whom He is and what He is looking for when pouring out His blessings. We can’t fit God into our box or see Him through our limited vision. The Lord is limitless...